New Man of Medan Trailer Detailed ‘Shared Story’ Gameplay

Posted August 7, 2019 by Kamil in Gaming News, News, PC, PS4, Trailers, Xbox One

Not so long ago, you had a chance to read on our website about the multiplayer modes, which are coming to Man of Medan, and the article, just like the press release went into a great detail on how this is going to play out. Then without tangible gameplay, it was really difficult to imagine how effective, or even enjoyable, those modes are going to be. But do not fret, because Bandai Namco, has just released a brand new video, detailing the ‘Shared Story Mode‘ of Man of Medan.

The video in question, unlike the previous trailers, is rather lengthy, as its running time exceeds seven minutes, and it gives an in-depth look into the gameplay, as well as developer commentary. And one of the highlights, is the fact that Shared Story mode will allow both players to enjoy the story in two, drastically different ways.


Within the video, numerous developers from Supermassive games, explain that throughout the online, Shared Story playthrough, the two players will not always play together. As depending on the choices, and character selection, the narrative will constantly fork and diverge. And while you will always have visual insight into what the other player is doing, you will not be able to control his/her choices.

While you won’t have any direct control over your partners gameplay elements, you will be able to influence his/her decision making, and that’s because Man of Medan‘s Shared Story mode, allows for players to collaborate on certain group choices within the game.

Overall, Shared Story mode seems like a great addition. But in my opinion at least, it would be even better if you were not to have a direct feed of the other’s player perspective on your screen. As this would allow the game to introduce a hint of ambiguity, and deception which was all so ever present within Supermassive’s Until Dawn. The collective choice-making, could also benefit of karma system, which could allow the player with a batter standing to ultimately decide the faith of the playthrough.

Man of Medan, is set to hit the proverbial streets on 30th of August. At it will launch across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, for just under £30. And please remember, that if you want to enjoy the complete experience, then you will have to pre-order this particular release, as a substantial amount of content is locked behind a pre-order bonus.



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