New Death Stranding Gameplay Released at #TGS2019, But Kojima Advises Not to Watch

Posted September 12, 2019 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gameplay, Gaming News, PS4, Tokyo Game Show, Trailers

A new gameplay trailer was revealed for Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding at the Tokyo Game Show, however, the developer has suggested that you might not want to watch any more gameplay reveals, if you want to keep as much of the game a mystery as possible for when it launches later this year.  So to help achieve this, the recent trailer released focuses more on “basic gameplay” rather than story.

In the tweet below, Kojima said “as a game creator I’d like you to play without any info and enjoy the surprise by discovering yourself. But since many people say they don’t know what’s the game is about, I decided to introduce the basic gameplay.

For me personally, while quite a lot of gameplay has been shown for Death Stranding already, we’ve started to piece some information together, but much of the games aspects still remain a mystery and that’s how I intend on keeping it, so I will heed the words of Hideo Kojima from here on out.

Judging by the title of the gameplay video found below, it won’t give too much away as it happens, but this is where I am drawing the line, as I have seen enough for my own personal experience.  The gameplay trailer will focus on a mission given to protagonist Sam, played by Norman Reedus, the trailer lasts just over seven minutes in total.  However, if you want to go all spoilers blazing, you can also watch the near 50 minute gameplay video too (though it is all in Japanese).

Death Stranding will release for PlayStation 4 on November 8th.  Will you still be watching future reveals of Death Stranding?  Let us know across our social media channels.



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