Man of Medan Gets a Free Friends Pass and Curator Mode Available to All

Posted November 28, 2019 by Kamil in Announcements, Gaming News, PC, PS4, Trailers, Xbox One


If you have bought Man of Medan, of The Dark Picture Anthology, chances are that you have already completed it once, if not multiple times. But even though Man of Medan has slipped out of the spotlight, this did not stop Bandai Namco from releasing a “Friend Pass“, a permission-like code, which will allow one of your friends, who happens not to own Man of Medan, to play it with you.

The said pass will be awarded to all who already own Man of Medan, and to those who will purchase it before the cut-off deadline, which happens to be on the 6th of January.  And this is rather odd, as we’ve seen before co-op games such as A Way Out, which give you unlimited quote-on-quote friends passes, as long as you own the copy of the game.

The *free* bonuses don’t end on the friend pass however, as Bandai has also announced that Curator Mode, also known as Curator’s Cut, which was previously held hostage as a pre-order bonus, will also be available to all who have purchased Man of Medan, at any given time.

All of the above-mentioned bonuses are free, and come at no extra charge whatsoever, and the Curator’s Cut, can be downloaded right now, across all platforms. And there is some more good news for the PC Players as this particular download can be easily acquired from Steam, meaning that there is no need to search for it on any websites, or other stores. You can read our review of Man of Medan here.



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