KontrolFreek’s ‘CleanFreek’ is the Perfect Accessory to Keep Your Gadgets Germ Free

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Posted April 24, 2020 by Richard Lee Breslin in Accessory Review, Featured, Gaming News, Reviews

It’s always important to keep your daily appliances as clean and as germ free as humanly possible.  In fairness it’s not possible to keep everything 100% clean, 100% of the time, but there are ways in which you can reduce germs and bacteria, which couldn’t be more important than it is now during the CONVID-19 aka Coronavirus pandemic.

You can keep your gadgets and accessories somewhat clean, you can polish & dust or give them the occasion clean with antibacterial wipes, but either might not be the most effective of ways, especially if liquids leak into the inner shell and does damage to the inside electronics.  Thankfully KontrolFreek, who are known for their excellent performance enhancing thumbsticks for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, also have some equally fantastic cleaning products that are perfect for keeping your gadgets and gaming accessories as clean and germ free as possible, without the risk of doing any damage to your items.

However, not only does the CleanFreek set from KontrolFreek keep your items clean, but they are also great at clearing off the sweat from your controllers, giving you more grip.  In the box you get one 70ml Foam Cleanser and a Microfiber Cloth.  Using the CleanFreek set is incredibly easy; you just give the bottle a few shakes, squirt two or three presses of the foam on to the cloth and get wiping away.  Almost instantly you can smell the antibacterial going into action and as soon as you start cleaning the cloth on your controllers, you can almost see the shine from the get-go and when it’s all done, the controller really does feel cleansed.


The CleanFreek set prevents oil build-up, which as a result reduces controllers from slipping from sweaty palms, it is non-abrasive, and is alcohol and ammonia free.  However, the CleanFreek is not just designed to be used on your controllers, because I’ve been using it on my headsets, Nintendo Switch (Joy-Cons and Tablet Screen), mobile phones, laptop and keyboard, and all of which makes them not only feel clean, but there is also a freshness to them too.  Don’t get me wrong, I always aim to keep all my accessories as clean as possible, but even I have fallen into the trap of neglect, but if there’s one thing this pandemic has taught me, you can never be too safe and the CleanFreek set is the perfect way to keep on top of it all.  Above all else, the CleanFreek set is very easy to use and it keeps your gadgets and accessories, as clean and germ free as possible.

You’d have to check your local or favourite online retailers for stock, but you can of course buy CleanFreek direct from the KontrolFreek website at the small cost of just $9.99 (approximately £8) and the shipping costs are very reasonable, even for overseas delivery.  However, you can save an additional 10% by signing-up to the KontrolFreek mailing-list via their website.  Buying cleaning products might not be the most exciting purchase you’ll make today, but trust me when I say it will be one of the best and the feeling of the cleanse that CleanFreek provides, is well worth the price of admission and one that you won’t regret.  Stay safe, stay clean.