Here’s More Footage of What P.T’s Lisa is Up To Behind Closed Doors

Posted March 23, 2020 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gameplay, Gaming News, PS4

Its mad to think that despite this seemingly small playable teaser aka demo for Silent Hill’s, years after its abruptly cancelled by Konami, secrets are still being discovered and the last comes from the fantastic modder, by the name of Lance McDonald.

Some of the footage seen below has already been seen, such as what the ghost Lisa is up to as she erringly pears at you from upon the balcony and we’ve already seen some other footage of Lisa following you during some sections of the demo.  There is also some new footage of Lisa following you in this latest video, but it’s more so what Lisa is up to during a moment when you’re locked in the bathroom, with that creepy, crying baby in the sink.

Quite early on in the demo, there’s a scene that has Lisa slam the bathroom door shut, giving you a quick peak of her face.  Then shortly after, you must enter the bathroom to pick up the flashlight, before the door slams shut on you.  It is here when you hear footsteps coming up the hallway and seeing as you can’t see this motion, I assumed that it was pure audio, but I was totally mistaken.

In fact, that audio you hear while locked in the bathroom, is an animated Lisa walking up the hallway, before stopping just outside the door.  Out of all the footage that Lance McDonald has uncovered thus far, this has to be among the most unnerving yet!


Be sure to give Lance McDonald a Subscribe on his YouTube channel, he has a lot of great content outside of P.T, he’s well worth checking out.

In other P.T/Silent Hill related news, recent rumours have surfaced that Sony are trying to revive the Silent Hill franchise by acquiring it from Konami with the original developers of the series and Kojima Productions potentially getting involved.  You can read up on the details here.


Richard Lee Breslin
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