Golden Joystick Awards 2013: Winners

Posted October 25, 2013 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gaming News, Golden Joystick Awards, Industry


So today it was arguably the UK’s biggest video game award ceremony with the Golden Joystick Awards 2013.  There were the usual expected and unexpected winners, with Irrational Games developer and industry legend; Kevin Levine winning the Lifetime Achievement Award and Call of Duty being inducted into the hall of fame.  Now I know CoD haters will start bashing, but sales wise it’s hard to argue its induction.

It has been a good awards show for Naught Dog, with then winning a total of three awards.  The Game of the Year was down to two deserving winners, the PS3 exclusive The Last of Us and the multiformat giant GTA V.

Below is the full list of all of this year’s winners:

Best Newcomer
The Last of Us

Most Wanted in association with Playfire
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Best Indie Game
Mark of the Ninja

Best Visual Design
Bioshock Infinite

Best Multiplayer
Payday 2

Best Gaming Moment in association with Absolute Radio
Far Cry 3 – The Definition of Insanity

Studio of the Year in association with MPG Universal
Naughty Dog

Innovation of the Year in association with T3
Oculus Rift

Best Storytelling
The Last of Us

Best Online Game
World of Tanks

Best Handheld Game
Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation

YouTube Gamer Award in association with YouTube

Best Gaming Platform in association with Digital Spy

Best Mobile/Tablet Game of the Year
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Game of the Year
Grand Theft Auto V

Hall of Fame
Activison: Call of Duty

Lifetime Achievement
Ken Levine

I think with GTA V being a multiformat game, that factor worked in its favour, in comparison to The Last of Us being released solely on the PS3.  But with both games scoring an impressive 9.5 at Push-Start, both could argue an equal case.

As always with award ceremonies almost everyone will have a different opinion, so we’d like to hear your thoughts on the show.  Who were the deserving winners and who not so? Let us know in the comments section below.


Richard Lee Breslin
Richard Lee Breslin

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