Flame Over Gets 10 Minute Developer Walkthrough

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Posted January 25, 2015 by Brett Claxton in Gaming News, PS Vita, Sony News

flame over

Upcoming PS Vita indie roguelike title Flame Over, where you play a fire-fighter trying to put out fires and rescue the employees of a burning building, has had a 10 minute developer walkthrough released showcasing how the game plays. Throughout the video we are shown how to put out various types of fires, how to rescue the employees and some of the other mechanics within the game, including how the game handles procedural generation.

A release date is not yet known for Flame Over, but it looks to be promising time filler for the handheld with enough unique ideas to make it a possible purchase. You can watch the video below and head over to the PlayStation Blog for a more detailed breakdown of what the game has to offer.


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