Creative’s Outlier Earbuds Return – This Time Without The Wire

Posted April 25, 2019 by Kamil in Gaming News, Mobile, News, PS4

Creative, a company well known for its audio peripherals and hardware, has announced a direct successor to its wired, in ear headset. Hot on the heels of Creative Outlier One, ‘the’ wired earbuds of 2018, Creative Outlier Air is set to strengthen Creative’s position on the market. As the earbuds in question are set to improve on everything that their predecessor has built – even at the price of the wire.

With their 10 hour, high capacity battery, Creative Outlier Air buds will allow you to turn any mundane trek into an adventure. And if you are planning to get on a 20 hour flight, then worry not. As Creative Outlier Air buds come packed in a durable, and compact carry case; which in itself houses an extended battery which can power your earbuds for additional 20 hours. Meaning that you can listen to your favourite music, podcasts, and eBooks for over a day – with very little to no interruptions.

In addition to their lengthy battery, Creative Outlier Air buds also come kitted out with Bluetooth 5.0, aptX, and graphene driver diaphragm. And all those features result in reduced power consumption, as well as a significant increase in audio quality. But that’s not it, as Creative Outlier Air buds also come with a built in microphone, which allows you to answer phone calls, and operate both, Google’s and Apple voice assistants.

Creative Outlier Air, can be purchased right now, straight from Creative’s website for just under £75. Which considering that some reviewers have already called it ‘the wireless headset to beat’ seems like a bargain, especially after you take into consideration the fact that the vast majority of modern wireless headsets will cost you well over £100.



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