Arnold Schwarzenegger is Coming to Predator: Hunting Grounds via DLC!

Posted May 12, 2020 by Richard Lee Breslin in Announcements, DLC, Epic Game Store, Gaming News, PC, PS4

I’ve been enjoying Predator: Hunting Grounds a little more than I expected, particularly as 4v1 asymmetrical shooters are not normally my thing, probably as a result of being burned by Evolve from Turtle Rock Studios in 2015.

However, one thing that I feel has been missing from Predator: Hunting Grounds were official human characters from the 1987 movie, in particular Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch. As Predator: Hunting Grounds takes place after the 1987 movie, added story will be put into place for the older version of Dutch and we can expect to find out what happened to the iconic character after he “got to the choppa” in the newly announced DLC.

To play as Dutch, it will be paid DLC, you will also get “early access” to the QR5 Hammerhead Rifle and Dutch’s knife, which will be available for free to all players in June, but you can only play as Dutch if you buy the DLC.  We don’t know how much the DLC will cost, but as long as the price is reasonable, it will be quite awesome playing as Dutch with Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising the role.

There will also be added free content with voice tapes in which you are granted access to as you level-up, which reveal Dutch’s back-story following the events of the 1987, in his own words played of course by Arnie.  We are also promised to receive new weapons, modes and more with details being shared at a later date.  However, there will be further free content and paid DLC following Dutch from developers IllFonic (creators of the Friday the 13th: The Game), as revealed via the currently vague roadmap.

With Dutch releasing this month, we’ll have added content in June, July, August and beyond.  At this moment we don’t know what the content will be, but hopefully it will be more characters from the 1987 movie such as Dillon, Mac, Blain, Billy and more.  Heck, if they can include the “Concrete Jungle” of L.A, I’d love to see Danny Glover’s Lieutenant Mike Harrigan from 1990’s Predator 2, but I’m sure that’s just wishful thinking.

Dutch will be available to purchase on Tuesday, May 26th.  Are you excited to play as Arnie’s Dutch?  Let us know across our social media channels.  Predator: Hunting Grounds is available now for PS4 and PC via Epic Games Store.


Richard Lee Breslin
Richard Lee Breslin

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