PS4 And Vita Hardware Bundles To Launch At Midnight Tonight

Posted November 28, 2013 by Amber Hodson in Announcements, Gaming News, News, PS Vita, PS4, Retail


It has recently been confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be bundled with the PlayStation Vita and will be on sale in selected UK stores from midnight tonight. Rumours have been going around for a while about Sony creating this particular hardware bundle, the rumour has been confirmed and this means gamers will be able to take advantage of the remote play feature is they so wish along with a handful of other great features.

PlayStation UK boss Fergal Gara told Eurogamer that Sony expects the systems to be bundled together for under £500.

It’ll come to market in a few different shapes and guises,” he said. “You may walk in and get a great deal on ‘buy a Vita when bought with’ type deal. So if you buy a PS4 you can get a Vita for X. And others will say, well here’s the Ultimate Bundle and you get all those bits in it.

But as a base price point, in other words for the two consoles, we expect the gamer to be able to pick that up for under £500. It’s not a hard bundle pack at this point in time. It’s us working with the retailer to effectively deliver a soft bundle.

As a fan of the PlayStation Vita, this bundle is very much welcomed in my eyes and the remote play feature will be used often in my household on and after the launch of the PlayStation 4. The Vita is also getting some great titles as of late including the more recently Tearaway.

Source: CVG


Amber Hodson
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