New Study Shows Weed and Video Games Help Alzheimer’s Memories

Posted July 9, 2011 by Marshall in Articles, Miscellaneous

A coincidental holiday from Amsterdam, the city of the Red lights and famous for it’s Cannabis has made me venture across the internet for study’s and research about video games and marijuana.  Returning from Amsterdam I managed to come across an aritcle that wasn’t written by other stoners saying “Hey man Call of Duty looks amazing whilst high” or “Hey man do you think my Xbox could fly?”.

Culture Magazine reports about a study that was conducted at the Groningen Mental Enhancement Department in the Netherlands. Over the course of one year all the subjects played increasingly difficult video games. Half also smoked marijuana while playing. The smokers scored 43% better on memory retention tests than the non-smokers. This has developed into helping patients with Alzheimer’s to remember more.

Video games have been used before in medicinal uses, including helping  soldiers deal with combat stress. NewScientist (via GamePolitics).

Now with Video Games and Marijuana helping so many patients in Holand, just don’t expect them to replace your local GP any time soon… Unless you live in Holand.





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