Gameplay revealed for brand new Age of Empires

Posted November 24, 2019 by John Little in Announcements, Articles, Gameplay, Gaming News, PC, Trailers, Xbox One

We’ve known about the development for Age of Empires IV since 2017, but until now not much of the actual game has been shown (if any).

Unfortunately, as these things go, this still isn’t a great glimpse at what the game will actually look like, but during the 1 minute long trailer released at X019 we do at least see a potential for what it might look like, with the beginning of a siege on a settlement.

This is a little surprising, as I’m sure it would be for any Age of Empires fan, as previous titles didn’t really do the whole “large battles” thing, but what’s seen in the trailer wouldn’t look too out of place in a Total War game.

We see siege towers, trebuchets, blocks of infantry and cavalry, and even some anti-cavalry defences from the besieged settlement.

It looks big, it’s safe to say, though of course it’s unclear if this will be the case across most of its campaigns or if this could be a set battle situation.

It’s unclear what timeframe the game will take place in, or if it will span numerous as past entries have, however the trailer features reportedly a battle between medieval English and Mongol forces.

I’d love for there to be more to say, however unfortunately details are quite limited – no real info on buildings, level structure, multiplayer or combat or management mechanics.

But it’s good to see it’s still in the making and the fact the developers appear to be taking at least the combat in a new direction is very intriguing indeed (hopefully it all turns out well).

No release date has been stated as of yet, but perhaps it could be expected in 2021? One would assume this will be coming to PC, though you can see for certain that it will be coming to Xbox. In the meantime there have been recent releases of remastered Age of Empires 1 and 2, and a remastered Age of Empires 3 is currently in the making as well. It’s good to see the RTS genre revive itself in this way with such a classic series.


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