Curious to see who is behind the magic of Push-Start? Have a staff memeber you wish to find out more about? Well here’s the Push-Start Staff, where you can find and meet all the people responsible for creating and running all of the Push-Start site.

Daniel Pepper – Founder, a Peppery Pepper
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Daniel has been into gaming since the early 90’s and started writing about games since 2002 . He started by launching and then went on to work onto many other sites including Midnight FM, SMGT and . In 2010 he launched Push-Start and has been overseeing it since.
Xbox Live, PSN and Steam– lethaltareRaptr
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Five Favourite Games:
Street Fighter 2, Sonic The Hedgehog, Gears Of War, Bioshock, Halo

George Harvey – Co-Owner, Hitman Harvey
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George has been writing for gaming news websites for over 3 years, working alongside Daniel Pepper on a number of websites. As a founder, George has been around since the beginnings of Push-Start to aid in the site’s continual success. Eager to jump into the games design scene George spends most of his time polishing his 3D and 2D design skills as his only aim through the industry is forward.
Xbox Live and Steam – metal ph0enix PSN – metalphoenixRaptr
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Five Favourite Games:
Final Fantasy IX, Majora’s Mask, Oblivion, Mass Effect, Fallout 3

James Steel – Editorial Chief
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James’ obsession for gaming began on the Dreamcast. His gaming collection now contains over 2000 games, his Dreamcast collection as his pride. He also enjoys Video Production, being involved with many websites and projects. He prides himself on his expansive gaming knowledge and wide variety of games which he plays. Working currently in video game retail, he spreads his gaming goodness to all! For his portfolio, check out
Xbox Live – Jammy 2049 Steam – jammy2049Raptr
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Five Favourite Games:
Halo, Shenmue, San Fransisco Rush 2049, Bioshock, Assassins Creed

Shaun Greenhaff – Sony Editorial Chief
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When he’s not at university Shaun can probably be found gaming, its what he grew up doing and that doesn’t look to change any time soon. Currently on track for a first class degree in Crime Scene Science its a miracle he even has free time to play games, let alone write about them. Although maybe that’s why he has no sleep pattern…
Xbox Live, PSN and Steam – DiehardSpookRaptr
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Five Favourite Games:
Metal Gear Solid 3, Uncharted 3, Final Fantasy 6, Resident Evil 2, Sonic 3 + Knuckles

Barry Davis – Webmaster and Community Manager
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Barry has been doing web design since he started high school back in 2001. He has been gaming for as long as he can remember, his earliest childhood memory is when he got his Sega Master System. He knew he had a big passion for games when he managed to beat Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid without changing controller ports. He now enjoys getting awarded for completing accomplishments in gaming with achievements and trophies.
Xbox Live, Steam – MyNameIsBarry PSN – MyNameIsntBarryRaptr
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Five Favourite Games:
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Chrono Trigger, Goldeneye, Resident Evil 2, Metal Gear Solid

Ben Fox – Podcast Host and Video Games Writer
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Avid gamer, Durham University student and part-time musician. Inexplicably obsessed with Final Fantasy X.
Xbox Live and Steam – Foxfight04 PSN– BFox04Raptr
Five Favourite Games:
Devil May Cry 3, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VIII, Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear Solid 2,

Aaron Stone – Video Games Writer
Aaron is an audio and music technology student, who loves playing video games. His favourite game of all time is Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and his favourite online game is Gears of War 3.
Xbox Live and Steam – frisbe013
Five Favourite Games:
Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty, Skyrim, Mass Effect 2 and Gears of War 3

Lewis Sluman – Video Games Writer
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Xbox Live
Five Favourite Games:
Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, God of War, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Banjo Kazooie and Skyrim

Joseph Marshall – Executive Video Producer and Video Games Writer
Joe has been into Video Gaming and Photography/Video production since finishing his photography course in college in 2008. Joe then continued combining his passion for photography and his love for games freelancing for many other websites. Joe joined Push-Start in 2011 and has taken a lead role in photography and video game work at events for the website. Joe is also currently at University studying English.
Five Favourite Games:
Fifa 2012, Assassins Creed 2, Skyrim, Mortal Kombat, Alan Wake


Edward Westman – Film Editoral Chief
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A graduate of the University of Sunderland a First Class Honours, armed with an expansive knowledge of all things cinematic. You can count on Ed for informative, witty and entertaining dissections on the latest stinkers and golden oldies. Ed is a graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker in his spare time, expanding his creativity alongside his endevours in film review and analysis.
Five Favourite Films:
Jurassic Park, Alien, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, The Dark Crystal, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Vicki Dolley – Film Writer
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Strange hybrid of girly-girl and super-geek: a film aficionado, Resident Evil-obsessive, gamer and artist from Norfolk. Infatuated with media from an early age, Vicki spent most of her childhood years on her PlayStation going to war with zombies in a grand mansion, on her GameBoy taming wild Pokémon, and by her TV watching countless videos and learning about all different kinds of film. Vicki now prides in her large collection of DVDs – her favourite directors being Werner Herzog, Stanley Kubrick and ‘Beat’ Takeshi Kitano – and her collection of games and gaming figurines. She studied BA Film and Moving Production in Norwich.
Five Favourite Films: 
All About Lily Chou-Chou, The Dark Knight, Hana-bi, My Best Fiend and A Clockwork Orange




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