CES 2012 Gaming Report from the Sony Keynote

Posted January 10, 2012 by James Steel in Announcements, Events, Gaming News, PS Vita, PS3, PSN, PSP, Sony, Sony News

While we don’t come to CES necessarily expecting big news in the gaming world, it’s hard not to look to the big reveals of previous years such as the NES and the original Xbox. You can’t help but hope for something big each time the annual CES press conferences come round.

Not to mention that this is Microsofts last year at CES so maybe the stakes are slightly higher this time since they may want to go out on a bang!

Here at Push-Start, we’re focused on the gaming side of CES 2012, so don’t come expecting to find out the latest on 3D Tv’s and HD Camcorders, instead come to read the content that matters to you, the gamer. You’ll find two articles, one for the Sony Keynote, and one for the Microsoft Keynote. Below, you’ll find the Sony wrap up, head over here for the Microsoft one.

Sony Roundup

Many of Sony’s announcements this year CES were, as expected, technology and entertainment focused. New applications and services were at the forefront, especially in reference to the Playstation Vita. So, without further ado, here’s a roundup of what went down at the Keynote for gamers.

Music Unlimited will be arriving for Playstation Vita on Day One. Music Unlimited for the PS Vita will offer a service that combines a number of aspects from other popular music services such as iTunes (iCloud), Spotify and Last FM. Artist recommendations as well as music that is instantly accessible on all platforms will allow users of the PS Vita to access their music library wherever they go, another plus for the 3G version.

Netflix will also be heading to the Playstation Vita in the US (though we expect it to follow to other territories soon as Netflix has just launched in the UK), with Sony again aiming for a day one release. Details are scarce at the moment, though expect a similar service to that on the iPhone and Android Netflix App. It is unconfirmed whether this will require a WiFi connection, or if it will support 3G connections also, as the mobile app currently does.

The Playstation Certified programme was brought to the forefront again with discussion of the new Sony Tablets including the dual screen Sony Tablet P. The scheme brings playstation content to new Sony devices such as Playstation 1 classics. This was seen last year with the Sony Xperia Play device.And that brings Sony’s announcements to a close. Not a huge pull for gamers, but a few important announcements and precedents show that Sony are open for more ‘Apps’ and services for the PS Vita, especially when it comes to entertainment possibilities, it’s certainly looking like the handheld will have a strong feature set when it launches 22nd February.

Not to feel left out, the Playstation 3 will be getting a new Video Editing application called PlayMemories Studio. This tool will allow you to use your controller to edit together photos and video clips. Other features such as YouTube upload are expected, but have not been announced. Hopefully the application will feature an intuitive interface allowing everyone to get to grips with what generally is seen as a complicated process. This service will also be available on the PS Vita, as well as many other connected Sony devices such as their Android phones, Tablets, HD TV’s and even their Vaio Laptop line.

The Playstation Vita can be pre-ordered from a number of retailers, so be sure to get your order in to get yours when it’s released later next month.


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