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Push-Start Video Game Review Scale –

10  – Near Perfection – A pinnacle of gaming entertainment. What tiny flaws may be present are overcompensated by the truly outstanding experience that the game offers. A real must-have.

9Utter Brilliance – A very good polished game, though a few issues prevent it from reaching its true potential. Still very much a must-have title.

8Fantastic – A few too many issues stop this game from achieving greatness. What is there is still very much worth playing, just don’t expect a masterpiece.

7Great – Doesn’t quite reach its real potential as a number of problems get in the way. It will still appeal to gamers who have an interest in the subject material, though it’s certainly not for everyone. You may have to persevere through some odd gameplay design choices, but the experience is still very much worth having.

6Good – Takes a number of missteps that may turn off anyone but a true fan. Some pretty glaring flaws get in the way, though there are still some redeeming factors.

5Average – This game really needed more time in development as it feels unfinished, underdeveloped and while there may be some entertaining aspects to the title, you’d have a hard time finding something to rave about. There may have been some interesting ideas, but not enough time was given to properly flesh out what it could have been.

4Dissapointing – There may be something here if you dig deep enough, but the overall experience is certainly not going to be memorable, for any good reasons that is. The development team may have potential, but you’re not going to find it here.

3Poor – It’s certainly a ‘game’, but not one that you should experience anytime soon. Any factors adding to its enjoyment are hugely overshadowed by huge flaws in its basic concept.

2Bad – The quality assurance and testing team seemed to have been sleeping on the job. While the game is playable, it should be forgotten and left on the shelf.

1Terrible – Hard to ascertain how this one made it to release. It should be avoided at all costs.

0Unplayable – The game doesn’t actually work or function.