Capcom Reveal Details Of Capcom Arcade Cabinet

Posted February 7, 2013 by Allan Davison in Announcements, Gaming News, News, Patches, PS3, Xbox 360

Capcom are launching an arcade room on your console with the Capcom Arcade Cabinet platform. Offering a range of seventeen games from Capcom’s eighties Arcade library with cabinet features. In essence, this is Capcom’s answer to Game Room. Remember Microsoft’s Game Room? Thought not.


The included features include Dip Switch functions (basically cheat modes / credit changers), music player and the ability to record video or screenshots – though it seems that the video will be exclusive to the PS3 version, and the screenshots to the 360 version. Each will also include a ‘casual’ mode which makes the game significantly easier to complete on one credit. Another curious difference is that Xbox 360 defaults to one credit, but PS3 defaults to free-play. The reasoning for this is unclear, but these factors will definitely help decide your platform of choice for this set of games.

Most of the usual suspects from a pack like this make an appearance, and it is laid out as five packs to release between February and May, with a “Complete Pack” releasing once all five packs are up. They are scheduled for Europe as follows:

  • Pack One: Black Tiger, Avengers, 1943 – Feb 20th
  • Pack Two: Ghosts N Goblins, Gun Smoke, Section Z – March 5th
  • Pack Three: Side Arms, Legendary Wings, Trojan – March 19th
  • Pack Four: Commando, The Speed Rumbler, Exed Exes – April 2nd
  • Pack Five: 1942, Sonson, Pirate Ship Higemaru – April 16th
  • Bonus Pack: Unannounced games (free to those who buy all other packs) – TBA
  • Complete Pack – May 21st

These packs will be priced at 800MSP/£7.99, except Pack 1 which is 400MSP/£3.99. The complete pack will be 2000MSP/£23.99.


Allan Davison
Allan Davison

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