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Posted September 24, 2010 by George Harvey in PS3, Xbox 360



The world of Quantum Theory has fallen further into darkness as a new evil threatens the lives of the few remaining survivors of the world war. One of the last human strongholds is now in immediate danger with the emerging enemy called Erosion that devastates all around it either with death or corruption creating a post-apocalyptic environment. The few survivors able to fight have formed to take down the Erosion and to destroy the core of this evil which is the dreaded Tower.

You play as the ex-militant hero Syd, who sets out by himself in a personal vendetta to destroy the evil tower and all it represents. However, Syd isn’t the only one who aims to rid the world of this evil and meets up with various people throughout the game who want to aid in your battle. Along your journey you meet up with Filena, a product of the tower who has lived within it all her live and now seeks to partner up with Syd since the tower’s recent corruption to ascend to the very top and find the answers they have been looking for.



When playing through Quantum, the first thing you will notice is that it is an exact clone of Epic Games’ Gears of War. The main reasons for this that most of the design looks very similar not just from the ruins of the post-apocalyptic landscape but also many other things like the main character Syd. His armour looks like a worn-out version of the COG armour and even when you blow off an enemy’s head, Syd will say something like “Bye-bye” in his gruff voice just as Markus Fenix does. There are simply too many factors in the game that give you a little reminder of Gears so I’m going to talk about something else.

The game in itself looks like it has been created by the splicing of many games such as Resident Evil 5, GoW or Nier but without the good parts. This is why the game feels like something an amateur games developer would create instead of the great minds at Tecmo Koei. The graphics overall look pretty shabby at best which is a bit of a let down in this day and age as there are so many beautiful looking games around.

Despite the shabby graphical design noticed throughout the game, you may find the CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) to be on par with many of today’s best sellers which is a little bit of an upside to the game as you pretty much watch the game’s story unfold in CGI.



Any gamer would get the hang of this game straight away since its such a cliché game but it still has some small surprises that may put a smile on your face. But let’s talk about its many flaws first. Like GoW, there is a basic cover and fire system in place which you will be using throughout. But unlike GoW, the gameplay is pretty awful. Firstly the gunfire is pretty darn hefty so don’t expect any quick fire killing. Also the cover system is probably in its most basic as you can still get hurt even in full cover an movement while in cover is very basic. There is also the GoW ‘Rhode run’ and the ‘forward/backward/sideways roll’ which is effective but doesn’t look very fluent within the game.

However, one of the most fun things you may find yourself doing when fighting hordes of Locust like enemies (GoW) is the ability to literally throw you partner into the air to cause a pretty cool looking melee attack which you can then turn into a combo which is most effective when fighting bosses.


Overall – Best forgotten

Overall the game feels like a game I would have played 5 years ago with its sluggish controls shabby visuals and pretty much no creativity. A game of this quality will definitely be forgotten soon as you should all know by now that it’s nothing new or imaginative and will most likely leave you wanting your cash back.


George Harvey
George Harvey

George has been a games journalist for the past 3 years writing for a number of websites alongside Daniel Pepper. George has been with PushStart since it's launch in early 2010 to aid in the exploration of the gaming world. Eager to jump straight into the gaming industry scene, he is currently studying 3D Games Design at university.

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