Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Producer and Director Tease New Project

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The Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega book was recently released in Japan. In it, an interview with Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama saw the pair discuss a potential successor to Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Below are the translations from the Ultimania Omega book which shows hints of their upcoming game.

(Warning: Potential spoilers below!). 〇〇〇 – Words blocked out from interview

Yoshinore Kitase: (The last part about Lightning’s DLC Episode) Explaining “XXX Years Later” would be pointless. It might seem that the line “To Be Continued…” means that Lightning’s chapter will continue in more download content, but we are doing it in a different interpretation.

Motomu Toriyama: With Lightning remaining in the 〇〇〇〇ル (crystal?) but still keeping her heart, you could say that the world of Final Fantasy XIII will be permanently 〇〇ed. I’m praying for the day to come that Lightning will surely 〇〇めて (wake up?) and Serah will be rewarded. Like Lightning advancing one step forward in the secret event, I think we want to take a step forward to advance our own project. From now on, I’d be happy if you could anticipate it.

The web domain for Final Fantasy XIII-3 has already been registered, as well as “XIII-3” itself being trademarked. Square Enix has stressed that they only carried it out for “trademark purposes”. The sequel sold 524,000 units during its launch week in Japan. That figure then reached 1.1 million copies worldwide during March, 2012.

I personally am a HUGE, HUGE fan of this franchise, particularly this series as the story never got boring. It proved to be quite the challenge, with myself pouring countless hours into it, not to mention the stunning visuals which brightens my day! There have been many questions circulating of the conclusion of XIII-2 but all in due time. To be continued in the Tokyo Game Show? or are you interested in the next Final Fantasy line-up?


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