Famitsu reminds us that there’s an Armored Core V in the works

Posted February 2, 2011 by Marshall in PS3, Xbox 360

Thanks to stalwart Japanese gaming magazine (of questionable moral integrity) Famitsu, we finally have some new shots of From Software’s robot action game Armored Core 5, albeit rather blurry ones at that. If any of you out there had forgotten there was another Armored Core game in development in the first place, I honestly don’t blame you; It’s been over a year since the damm thing was announced and we’ve had practically no footage, pictures or information about it since then. Originally it was supposed to come out in late 2010 but got pushed back to the highly tentative release date of “at some point in 2011” possibly due to From Software’s continuing involvement in resurrecting their much loved Another Century’s Episode franchise.

Although we don’t have a full translation of Famitsu’s article, it apparently describes AC5’s much improved multiplayer in which up to 5 players can form teams and compete with other teams online. Looks like it’s also going to borrow a little from western online shooters like Battlefield by having one player as the designated commander of each team, supposedly bestowing them an extra set of tactical commands.

Other than that the only information we have is what we heard a year ago; that AC5 intends to bring the franchise back to it’s roots of small scale tactical combat with a stronger sense of realism, as apposed to the anime style light speed combat of AC4 which received somewhat mixed reception from fans. To this effect they’ve decided to halve the size of the mechs down to 5 meters instead of the usual 10, create far more detailed environments as well as cramming a few stealth elements into the gameplay. Not to sure I like the sound of that last one, far too many a game has been ruined by inappropriate poorly implemented stealth mechanics, but I guess we’ll just have to wait until “some time in 2011” to find out how it all pans out in AC5.

For those of you that missed it the first time round or for whom their memory just doesn’t stretch back far enough for something they haven’t heard about in 12 months, here’s the original announcement teaser from early last year:



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