Battlefield 4 Will Not Play On Your 4GB Xbox 360

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It is news that smacks of ‘First World Problems‘, possibly better off prefixed by a hashtag on Twitter for greater ironic effect, yet is a headline that affects a certain percentage of Xbox 360 owners and therefore Battlefield 4’s potential target market.

Battlefield 4 publishers, Electronic Arts (EA), released the ‘Xbox 360 Installation Information‘ yesterday for their upcoming game. The most pertinent point is, of course, focused upon as the title of this article and means that all Xbox 360s that do not have a hard disk drive, most specifically the 4GB Slim models, will not be able to play Battlefield 4 due to a mandatory 2GB install that cannot be loaded on to internal or external flash drives. The full guide follows:

Battlefield 4 on the Xbox 360 will come with two discs: one for multiplayer, the other for single player.

The first time you start your game, regardless of which disc you use, you will be asked to perform a required installation of 2GB worth of game content to your hard drive.
Note, the above-required and below-additional installations can only be installed on Xbox 360 hard disk drives, and cannot be installed to USB drives, or other alternative storage devices. Battlefield 4 cannot be installed and played on a 4GB internal flash drive.
You will have the option to accept the 2GB install or quit. Quitting will return you to the Xbox dashboard, and you will not be able to play Battlefield 4.

As with many Xbox 360 titles, in addition to the required installation each disc can be installed to your hard drive to minimize game disc access and improve load times.

These additional installations are not required, but doing so can further improve and speed up your Battlefield 4 experience.

  • The Multiplayer Disc, or Disc 1, has an additional 6.6GB of content
  • The Single Player Disc, or Disc 2, has 5.8GB of installation content

Note: Be sure you install the mandatory installation content before you try installing each game disc’s content.

  • If you do try to install the optional disc-content before the required game data installation, your install will stop before completion, and ask you to install again.
  • If your install does fail due to installing content in the incorrect order, your second or subsequent attempts at installing the required content should complete successfully.

It’s a development that is quite unlike what transpired with Grand Theft Auto V – which released in September with a mandatory install of 8GB, yet permitted the use of USB drives – and makes me wonder what will occur when Call of Duty: Ghosts emerges with its own mandatory install weighing in at 3GB.

Some retailers that may be a bit dull to the news include Argos who, aside from offering a bundle that is ever-so-slightly overpriced, are attempting to sell unaware customers a 4GB Xbox 360 with Battlefield 4 – despite the fact that the two are instantly incompatible without the additional purchase of a hard drive. If you do happen to be in the market for an Xbox 360 hard drive, here are some of the ones on offer at GAME, and eBay.

Of course, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners with hard drives can completely ignore the majority of this article and instead look forward to padding their console out with roughly 12.4GB of additional installation content for optimal gaming performance.

Battlefield 4 is deployed on November 1st for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, whilst the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are released later this month on November 22nd and 29th, respectively.


Ciaran Allen
Ciaran Allen

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