Rumor: Dead Island could be infecting our minds this June "Updated"

Posted February 23, 2011 by Daniel in PS3, Rumour

Over the past few days the upcoming Zombie title ‘Dead Island’ has been highlighted all over the internet, and why not? Zombies = Must have. Dead Island is being published by the guys at  Deep Silver & Techland. These lovely people  have also presented us one of the best trailers ever. With great music and get animation we couldn’t ignore watching it a few times.


During our spare time watching the trailer and holding the tears back we noticed something that we don’t think that has been pointed out yet… a ‘release date’. If you look at our above screenshot you will see on the ‘farther’  he is wearing a shirt which stands out in the trailer… What exactly? well some numbers and also what it appears to be “June” in the text below the numbers. From the above screenshot and trailer we have come to a conclusion, but at this time can’t 100% confirm its release date but… It seems that the game will be upon us in June on the 15th?


If you haven’t seen the trailer for your selves yet then just click the play button below and let us know what you think in the comments box about our “rumoured/found” release date.

We have noticed again, watching the trailer for the 100th time another ‘Release date’ or ‘Trailer reveal’ date.  Apr appears also underneath the shirt, which we assume stands for April. Another number makes an appearance and this time it is the 30th.

So we have broken down our findings to this. There are the following numbers in the trailer. 0 6 (in the background again 0 6) large: 15 (under 15 more digits including the number 30)

Letters: APR (probably: April), including: JUN (June)

  • 06. June 2011
  • 15. June 2011
  • 06. April 2011
  • 03.05.2011
  • 10.06.2011
  • 15.06.2011

Hopefully we have found Two possible release dates / announcement dates, but now its the waiting game until those dates.



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