PSN accounts changing to Sony Entertainment Network accounts Feb 8th

Posted February 6, 2012 by Josh Curtis in Announcements, Articles, Gaming News, PS3, PSN, Sony, Sony News

There was some interesting news coming out of Sony last week. The term “PlayStation Network account” is to be phased out and replaced with “Sony Entertainment Network account,” beginning this Wednesday, February 8th. The change, however, is only cosmetic. Your account will still function in an identical fashion and it will not be necessary to change your username or password; the PSN itself remains unaltered.

“The goal is for there to be one networked log-in for all Sony services,” a Sony spokesperson stated after news of the switch made its way to neoGAF. “Changing the name ‘PlayStation Network account’ to ‘Sony Entertainment Network account’ helps clarify the unity between PSN and other Sony Entertainment Network services.” The change does not apply to the PSP, so users will still see “PlayStation Network account” when logging on with that device.


Josh Curtis
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