New Mario & Luigi RPG On The Way

Posted February 15, 2013 by Allan Davison in 3DS, Announcements, Gaming News, News, Nintendo, Nintendo News


One of the 3DS Nintendo Direct’s biggest announcements was the return of the Mario & Luigi games. In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, the brothers will venture into Luigi’s dreams on the 3DS.


Its unique feature is the use of Luigi’s sleeping face. It covers the bottom screen during levels, and can be manipulated to solve puzzles in many different ways. The example shown in the demo shows you making Luigi sneeze to make a floating face on the top screen sneeze also, thereby manipulating a platform to let you continue forward. It’s a novel idea, and fits well with the series’ brand of fairly out there humour. It seems to be moving to a full polygon look, using something similar to the New Super Mario Bros. engine rather than the sprite-based work featured in the series so far.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is due out in Summer, and Nintendo have promised more details soon.




Allan Davison
Allan Davison

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