Mario Golf To Return On 3DS

Posted February 14, 2013 by Allan Davison in 3DS, Announcements, Gaming News, News, Nintendo, Nintendo News

During Nintendo Direct, it was announced that golf is returning to the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario Golf: World Tour, which is on its way to 3DS this Summer.


Camelot, the creators of all Mario Golf iterations so far, will be at the helm once more, and promise an engaging experience for newbies and pros alike due to a combination of “deep golf gameplay” and simple control systems. They also confirmed that courses will range from traditional links affairs to Mushroom Kingdom-inspired creative courses. The Super Shots gimmick present in most recent Mario sports titles will also see a return in this game.

Characters such as Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi all made an appearance in the presentation, and are confirmed for the full game. Given that Mario’s sports titles were where Waluigi was born, these four are basically default characters for a new golf game. The Mario Golf games have all played a satisfying round of golf so far; I can’t see that changing with this latest release.


Allan Davison
Allan Davison

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