Game Video Review: Sin & Punishment Star Successor (Wii)

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You’ve heard me talk about this game before, but now it’s time to finally go over why you should play this overlooked gem of a game. If you love on rails arcade action shooters then the only excuse you have for not having this is if you don’t have a Wii or a WiiU.


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    That "meme" sounds like the plot of Parasite Eve.


    Its 20$ new? I got mine 10$ new at Walmart and saw it for 3$ used at EB games (Canadian Gamestop)


    I got mine new the other day for $10 at gamestop, also are they supposed to still have the points card if they're new?


    I got a world record for Easy, Level 5 (desert), Kachi, Worldwide. I'm as Wes. not that I'm bragging or anything…


    I had the chance to get this game yesterday, but I decided to get Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate instead. Was it a bad idea?

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