11 Years ago a game featuring huge characters from the Final Fantasy and Disney universe collided with each other in an explosion of Disney Interactive and Squaresoft goodness to create Kingdom Hearts.

Featuring original characters on both the antagonist and protagonist sides of the respected universe, and Disney worlds featuring as dungeons, original enemies called the Heartless, Kingdom Hearts game took the JRPG genre by storm with its pure uniqueness.

Fast forward 5 games (in the UK at least) and we get a HD remix of the original story, with a beefier package in the form of the then a Japan exclusive Final Mix version, as well as a HD remix of RE:COM which was originally only released in America for the Playstation 2. Finally we also get a movie, I will explain that later.


The First game on the list is Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, a game that did not release outside of Japan until now. In its HD skin-over the game looks gorgeous, the texture packs have been updated from the original Kingdom Hearts to the models used in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Turns out Square could not keep their own designs in the box. It doesn’t diminish the actual game though, it looks gorgeous and updated. Clean, crisp, smooth and flowing are my favourite words to use when describing this game. It does everything a HD remaster should do and does it very well. The Final Mix additional content is just cut-scenes and a bonus which I wont spoil for you, but trust me it is glorious. Some small things have changed however, the music has had some small updates which, to me at least, was not necessary. A smoother less low def version of the tracks maybe, but not the overhaul on some of the songs that they have changed. It doesn’t diminish from the overall product however, it still sounds gorgeous, to the point where i cant get enough of it.


The next game is Kingdom Hearts RE: COM (Chain of Memories). This version of Chain of Memories came to the US, but never the UK so it was interesting to play the PS2 version of the game with the texture update. It plays like Kingdom Hearts does, but instead of commands you use Cards to create a string of attacks to defeat the Heartless as you make your way through Castle Oblivion. The story here works in tandem with the story from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The events for the most part occur during the same time, and it is very interesting to see the story unfold while between both games in contrast with the events of the last protagonists main story.

Roxas’ story is not a happy one and his fate was sealed upon his discovery. He has no memory of a life before the one he has now and knows nothing of where he belongs or if he even belongs, he only has the ability to wield the Keyblade.


KH 358/2 Days is a film that Square Enix put together to show the story the leads into Kingdom Hearts 2 and where it ties in with the events happening in Castle Oblivion in RE:COM, weaving a nice little narrative set up for the potential of another HD Remaster for Kingdom Hearts 2 and potentially Birth By Sleep.

Kingdom Hearts as a series is already a treasure. This remaster is a vivid and beautiful tribute, the best way to enjoy the story so far without question and I cant recommend this more to new fans coming in and long time fans wanting to relive the magic of the first games again.  I just wish they had fixed the camera!

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is out Friday 13th of September. So grab your copy and fall in love with it!



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