Batman never has it easy, and why would he?  After all, keeping Gotham City in check with so many lunatics on the loose is enough to send even the most stable of person insane and following the conclusion of Episode 3 New World Order; life for Bruce Wayne is especially going to get far more testing.


Up until now, juggling the life of both Batman and Bruce Wayne has been a tough balance.  Having choices impact both sides of Bruce’s alter ego’s have been an eye opener for both characters and with the events that led to Episode 4Guardian of Gotham”, it’s taken a most interesting of turns.  Obviously I am about to go into spoiler territory here, if you haven’t finished Episode 4 already, however, as always, I try to keep things to a minimum, but as this season progress it’s going to get increasingly more difficult to do so, so consider this you SPOILER WARNING.




Between Harvey Dent, The Children of Gotham, Oswald Cobblepot and that shocking revelation at the end of Episode 3, Bruce Wayne has found himself to be committed to the infamous Arkham Asylum at the hands of Cobblepot desire to dethrone Bruce from Wayne Enterprises’, with the help of that one back-stabbing individual.  As you might expect, this is unfamiliar territory for our Bruce and that unfamiliarity is about to lead to a potential alliance with an unlikely, but familiar ally, The Joker!  Now of course, whatever happens at the end of your episode in New World Order and your choices in Arkham Asylum, will likely have a different story path to mine.


The Joker appears to be some kinds of saviour, coming to Bruce Wayne’s aid, but if you know our Joker, then there’s always a selfish motive at hand.  Whether you choose to form an alliance to make things that more interesting or to be the good guy, is down to you.  However, for me, sticking to my somewhat good (ish) nature, I pretty much remained as Bruce Wayne as possible.  Though it is a shame that we could not have spent just a little more time in the Arkham resort.




Whatever you choose, you will eventually leave Arkham Asylum, but what awaits you on the outside remains to be seen, but the chances are that much has changed in that short time and the people of Gotham have no sympathy or time towards Bruce Wayne’s predicament.  But Bruce Wayne and Batman have no time to feel sorry for themselves and so, this episode does a great job in making you feel the importance of Gotham’s downfall, from the mental decline of Harvey Dent and his relationship with Bruce Wayne, not to mention Selina Kyle.  Then you have the task at hand to discover the whereabouts of The Children of Arkham.  Oh and the small task at clearing the Wayne’s good name and extinguish the corrupt infection that Cobblepot now has over Wayne Enterprises.


From Episode 3’s closing moments, the opening of Episode 4Guardian of Gotham’ will bring you down and rise you back up again, but ultimately, it will have you feeling every bit the Batman like no other.  You will claw yourself back from desperation and rise from the ashes of Gotham.  Guardian of Gotham is a fantastic penultimate episode that potentially opens the doors to become one of Telltale’s most rewarding and fulfilling season’s yet.  Exciting times surely lay ahead, Episode 5, its over to you.



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Richard Lee Breslin
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