Batman Fiasco

Opinion: WB Made A Huge Mess With Arkham Knight’s PC Version

If you have been following the hottest new game, Batman: Arkham Knight, especially if you have played the game’s infamous PC port, you should be well aware of the complications it is currently facing. In fact, the pro...

My List of 5 Ideas I'd like to see in Yooka Laylee 950 390

Cameron’s List of 5 Ideas For Yooka Laylee

I have great faith that this game will be… well, great. But there’s always room for more ideas, so here’s some of mine. Do you have some ideas of your own? I’d love to hear them. Enjoy. Recently Yooka-L...

My List of the 5 Best Apologies in the Gaming Industry 950 390

Cameron’s List Of The 5 Best Apologies In The Gaming Industry

  Hopefully the industry learns something from how these 5 entries handled their mistakes. Hey we’re all human and even the pros can screw up royally from time to time, so which ones set a good example? Guess youR...

Quick 5 Wall Jumpers 950 390

Video Feature: Quick 5: Wall Jumpers

In video games jumping off a wall can actually be the most important thing to a character… eh, maybe not, but it’s an important move that can help them to get areas where they couldn’t normally reach. These 5 ...


Opinion: How Windows 10 Can Improve The Xbox Community

We don’t exactly know what the upcoming plans of Xbox on Windows 10 are but this is one of the most interested things I’ve thought of regarding the Xbox One app on Windows 10. Apart from being announced, bringing b...


[Opinion] Evolve Beta – What Has Turtle Rock Changed From The Alpha?

The Evolve beta has been released on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC this week and, after an initial mixed response from the gaming community, what have Turtle Rock Studios changed in the beta? With only a month until release, I’...

Our List of 5 Stages and Bosses We'd Like to see in SSB WiiU950390

5 Stages & Bosses We’d Like To See In Super Smash Bros. For 3DS & Wii U

Even though it says I got this up on the same day as the Direct, I still got it uploaded before it went live (on my YouTube channel anyways). Everybody start chanting: DLC, DLC, DLC (and it worked!). Special thanks to Swedish...

Son of Nor Preview

Preview: Son Of Nor – Steam Early Access

You know those games you find yourself rambling off anecdotes from in those watercooler moments? (On which note, forgive me if I think of them as kettle moments; I’m British). Well prepare to add another to your list, bec...


NHL 15 Missing Modes – New Details Emerge About October Updates

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the release of NHL 15 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  NHL 15 has officially launched in the U.S and Canada today as, we in Europe must wait until the 12th. CVG reporte...

My List of 10 Unpleasant Sounds in Video Games950390

Cameron’s List of 10 Unpleasant Sounds in Video Games

While it’s true that many of these sounds serve a purpose, that doesn’t mean they should make you want to make mute your TV or handheld. Enjoy.

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