Video Reviews

Video Review: Tharsis

The speed of one game of Tharsis means that it slides in to that "just one more game" territory so well you'll be going back to it for a while. If you're a fan of strategy games or digital board games I strongly suggest you con...


Video Review: Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations is far from a great game but it's an interesting base that will hopefully be built upon. The target audience is definitely younger gamers but there's enough of a challenge over the 6...


Video Review: Farming Simulator 15 [PC/PS4/XboxOne]

There's fun to be had in Farming Simulator 15 but unfortunately its poor physics combined with limited things to do make for a farming simulator that fails to fully deliver on its namesake.


Video Review: Arcade Guns v2.0 Light Gun Kit [PC]

I'd spent hours and hours shooting my TV as a kid (not in a redneck sort of way) so I was happy to return to my youth and check out Arcade Guns' latest gun controller, the v2.0 Gun Kit. ACTION!


Video Review: White Night [PC/PS4/XboxOne]

White Night is a game that hardcore horror fans may enjoy. Often it finds itself sacrificing playability for the sake of its art style, which will leave most players frustrated and annoyed, but there is no denying it does look ...

Redo Reviewed Sonic Heroes 950 390

Video Review: Sonic Heroes [Gamecube]

Sonic Heroes was the first Sonic game to be released on all major consoles simultaneously and allowed you to switch between other characters to help get things accomplished through teamwork. But how does it fair today? Find o...


Video Review: Oceanhorn – Monster Of Uncharted Seas [PC/iOS]

Oceanhorn is reminiscent of old adventure games, but does it live up to the exceptional titles it’s so indicative of, or is it just a poor attempt riding on the wave of nostalgia?


Video Review: RIDE [PC/PS3/PS4/Xbox360/XboxOne]

After the release of MXGP and MotoGP 14 last year, Milestone is once again, back on the bike with their newest IP, RIDE. This motorcycle racer is non-stop fun and is something everyone should play. Find out why in our review.

Ostrich Island

Video Review: Ostrich Island – Escape From The Paradise [PC]

Ever wanted to know what being a magnificent Ostrich feels like? Well, now you can finally poke your head in every hole with MeDungeon Ltd's Ostrich Island, where you are given an entire island to play and roam as an ostrich. H...


Video Review: Roundabout [PC/Xbox One]

While it doesn't look anything special upon first glance, Roundabout is a hilarious and intriguing experience. A whacky concept and brilliant characters make for an enjoyable experience.