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Lococycle Feature RZD

Game Review – Lococycle [PC/Xbox360/XboxOne]

Lococycle is a zany but incredibly weak game taking you on a very linear adventure. It may provide a few laughs, but the bland gameplay will outweigh any fun you may find.

The Wolf Among Us Feature 1

Game Review: The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 – Smoke And Mirrors [Xbox360/PS3/PC/Mac]

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke And Mirrors continues the fantastic work Telltale started with Episode 1. What it lacks in action and length it more than makes up with in storytelling and edge-of-your-seat plot twists.

Rocksmith 2014 feature 1

Game Review: Rocksmith 2014 Edition [Xbox 360/PS3/PC/Mac]

Rocksmith 2014 Edition improves on virtually every flaw of the original game. With a large and varied soundtrack, gamers will have hours of fun learning songs and starting their path to becoming rock legends.


Game Review: Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion [Xbox 360/PS3/PS Vita/PC]

Orc Attack is a game that, quite frankly, I wish didn't exist. Mixing terrible combat, bland humour and a frustrating camera that I thought we'd left behind two generations ago. Avoid at all costs.


Game Review: How To Survive [Xbox 360/PC/Mac]

How To Survive brings a surprisingly fresh take on the zombie-survival genre borrowing aspects from many other games it's a jack of all trades but master of none


Game Review: WRC 4 (PC/PS3/PSVita/PS3/Xbox360)

WRC 4 is a major improvement on previous titles in the series, but will it cross the line and be first in its genre this year?


Game Review: The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1- Faith [Xbox360/PS3/Vita/PC/Mac]

Telltale Games continue their fantastic comic-book adaptations with The Wolf Among Us. Bringing a gripping storyline, well paced gameplay and interesting bunch of characters in another point-and-click adventure.


Game Review: Marlow Briggs And The Mask Of Death [Xbox 360/PC]

Stuffed with big explosions, non-stop combat and inoffensive humour, Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death is a surprisingly enjoyable, over the top, hack-n-slash adventure. Don’t expect to be blown away and you won’t be disa...


Game Review: TMNT Out Of The Shadows [PS3/Xbox360]

So what was the first thing I noticed when I started up Out Of The Shadows? The Turtles? The controls? The nostalgia…actually yes…but not in the way you all might be thinking. The main menu has the T.U.R.T.L.E Power...


Game Review: Rayman Legends (Xbox360/PS3/PSVita/PC/WiiU)

After only a year after Origins released, our limbless champion returns. Is Legends a master piece like it's predecessor or a case of a studio cashing in on a popular brand? See what we thought in this review.