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Game Review: Teslagrad [WiiU/PC]

Teslagrad has attracted itself to Nintendo's Wii U eShop, and is as wonderful as its ever been. Find out why in our review.


Game Review: SteamWorld Dig [3DS/PS4/Vita/Wii U/PC]

SteamWorld Dig is the best parts of great indie titles put into one, small platformer. Those who wish to dedicate a few hours to something simple will soon find themselves addicted to the rhythmic gameplay of Image & Form's lat...


Game Review: Squids Odyssey [Wii U/3DS]

A unique take on the RPG genre, with funny characters and interesting gameplay, Squids Odyssey is fun in short bursts.


Game Review: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition [PS4/XBOne/X360/WiiU]

If you loved the original, you'll love the Super Turbo Championship Edition even more. If you never got around to the first game, you'll also love it. Guacamelee! STCE is a real indie treat.


Game Review: Armillo [Wii U]

A brilliant blend of several puzzle and platforming ideas come together and produce a short but amazing indie title.


Game Review: Swords & Soldiers HD [WiiU/Wii/PS3/Xbox360/PC/iOS]

or a measly £2.69/$2.99/€2.99, Swords & Soldiers is a small but entertaining RTS that's sure to distract you for a few hours. Not an outstanding game by any means but it's more than satisfactory to scratch the itch one might...


Game Review: Scram Kitty And His Buddy On Rails [Wii U]

Don't be fooled by this title's cute theme, the challenge that lies behind it is brutal. Scram Kitty provides the challenge without being difficult for difficulties' sake.

Stick It To The Man Logo

Game Review: Stick It To The Man [WiiU/PS3/PS4/Vita/Steam]

What Stick It To The Man lacks in length makes up for in quality, presentation and humour. Zoink! have proved themselves to be capable of making one fantastic game that everyone can enjoy.

Reviewed Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze950390

Video Review: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze [WiiU]

DK and pals are rteturn o get their Island back from Artic invaders in one of the best 2D platformers to come out in years.


Game Review: Unepic [Wii U]

An impressive game coming from one person, Unepic provides enough content to satisfy the RPG gamer and uses a well suited narrative to charm the player along the way.