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Game Review: The Smurfs 2 (PS3/Xbox360/Wii U/Wii/3DS)

As you expect from a licenced game, the graphics aren't going to amaze anyone but they get the job done. The level design is the best part of the game which is built on a 2D plane with 3D levels.

Reviewed Sin and Punishment Star Successor950390

Game Video Review: Sin & Punishment Star Successor (Wii)

Sin & Punishment Star Successor is a treat that is not to be missed on the Wii. If you love crazy frantic over the top action arcade shooters then this needs to be in your collection ASAP.


Game Review: Retro City Rampage [PC/PS3/PSVita/Xbox 360/WiiWare]

Originally planned as a homebrew NES game based on Grand Theft Auto III entitled Grand Theft Endo, Retro City Rampage‘s developer VBlank Entertainment more recently decided to bring it to nearly all current-gen systems, a...


Game Review: Bit.Trip Core [WiiWare/3DS/PC]

The Bit.Trip series has always had something special about it. I’ve found myself in possession of a few of the titles and almost every time I start one up it begins with me wondering if it was worth the £6 I spent on it. But...


Game Review: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom [Wii]

I’m out of my element here, but at the very least I don’t have to go into a lot of detail. Unless I’m going to talk about every character’s functionality and there’s no way that’s gonna happe...


Review: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

“You fight like no man or demon I have ever known. Though this is not the end. My hate… never perishes. It is born anew in a cycle with no end!” — Demise The Legend of Zelda franchise is perhaps one of the b...


Review: Rayman Origins

It’s been a while since Rayman has appeared on a home console. The last time we saw the fist swinging hero on our TV screens was in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc which appeared on a whole host of platforms including the PS2, X...