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Game Review: GRID Autosport [PC/PS3/Xbox360]

GRID Autosport arrived somewhat unexpectedly, for which it feels more like a GRID 2.5. But with the return of the driving seat view and no singleplayer story campaign, will this be the GRID game that fans have longed for since...


Game Review: Drakengard 3[PS3]

With the power of number something something's song, I summon thee... the review of Drakengard 3!


Game Review: The Walking Dead – S2 – Ep3- In Harm’s Way [PC/PS3/Xbox360]

Episode three In Harm’s Way is quite possibly the most defining moment not only in season two of The Walking Dead, but it’s also a defining moment in Clem’s character development. Choices here will not only affect the ou...


Game Review: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil [PS3/Xbox360]

In a few short weeks the FIFA World Cup is kicks-off and of course means that EA has graced us with the customary accompanying FIFA spin-off to capture the spirit of football’s most prestigious prize. But will this be a wort...

Stick It To The Man Logo

Game Review: Stick It To The Man [WiiU/PS3/PS4/Vita/Steam]

What Stick It To The Man lacks in length makes up for in quality, presentation and humour. Zoink! have proved themselves to be capable of making one fantastic game that everyone can enjoy.


Game Review: Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition [PC/PS3/X360]

Coming from its handheld roots, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate arrives to the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 with improved visuals and audio with the Deluxe Edition. But will this latest origins tale to the Arkham universe be a story ...


Game Review: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster [PS3/PSVita]

Its hard to say anything negative about making a game clearly already grand even more beautiful with a HD remaster and gorgeous music. Final Fantasy X/X-2 delivers like the Originals and then some, with Bonus content taking pla...


DLC Review: Bioshock Infinite – ‘Burial At Sea’ Episode Two [PC/PS3/X360]

The finale to the Bioshock Infinite saga is upon us and it’s a sad time truth be told. But how will this farewell uphold and can our Liz dig deep to finally once and for all escape her birdcage and live the peaceful life tha...

Dark Souls II Header Image 2

Game Review: Dark Souls 2 [PC/PS3/Xbox360]

From Software have managed to balance an incredibly challenging game by creating an easy entry to start, combined with brutal finale to Dark Souls II. All in all its well worth a purchase! Just as always....Prepare to Die! A LOT!


Game Review: South Park – The Stick Of Truth [PC/PS3/Xbox360]

It’s been a long time since the South Park 64 abominations that were released on the N64 many moons ago, unfortunately not enough time to forget. But after its many delays, will The Stick of Truth finally be the South Park g...

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