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Game Review: House Of Caravan [PC]

House of Caravan labels some pretty serious titles as its aspirations, including Gone Home and P.T, but it doesn't live up to those expectations. Find out why in the full review.


Game Review: Spirits Of Xanadu [PC]

With influence taken from System Shock 2, Spirits of Xanadu aims to provide an atmospheric and interesting space adventure experience. But does it reach its full potential?

Shelter 2

Game Review: Shelter 2 [PC]

After the success of Shelter with its family of Badgers, Might and Delight have released Shelter 2 moving up in the food chain, as you look after a family of Lynx. Read on to find out how they have improved the series, and wher...


Game Review: Hektor [PC]

Hektor is a first person psychological horror game which uses procedural generation to spice up its level design, however it falls back in other departments. Read the full review to find out where.


Game Review: Total War: Attila [PC]

Total War: Attila is the newest instalment into the historical strategy series by The Creative Assembly and SEGA. Bringing brand new mechanics to the series, the game gives a fresh new face to the Total War universe. But how w...

Ostrich Island

Video Review: Ostrich Island – Escape From The Paradise [PC]

Ever wanted to know what being a magnificent Ostrich feels like? Well, now you can finally poke your head in every hole with MeDungeon Ltd's Ostrich Island, where you are given an entire island to play and roam as an ostrich. H...


Game Review: Zombie Army Trilogy [PC/PS4/XboxOne]

Having played a lot of Sniper Elite V2 but not gone back for 3 or the original Nazi Zombie Army games I was asked if I wanted to grab some buddies and jump head first into an undead apocalyptic remastered trilogy. Was it fun? D...


Game Review: Grey Goo [PC]

Grey Goo is a fantastic sci-fi RTS, giving great old-school vibes to the modern RTS scene. It features a good story, strategic battles, and an interesting faction with a unique playstyle which'll certainly challenge even the be...

TCAE Logo_flat

Game Review: There Came An Echo [PC/PS4/XboxOne]

There Came An Echo gives a good impression with its robust voice controls and tactical gameplay, but it doesn't quite reach its full potential. Find out why in the full review.


Game Review: Mushroom Men: Truffle Trouble [PC]

Truffle Trouble has its quirks, and there is some good content here; but it’s held back by frustrating trial and error gameplay, and doesn’t effectively balance the controls with its 2.5D presentation

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