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Game Review: Deadcore [PC]

Deadcore, a 3D Puzzle-Platformer featuring neither the Dead, nor Cores. All set within a Sci-fi environment that could easily pass for the lovechild of Portal & Tron. Read more in our review.


Game Review: Tri [PC]

Tri mixes the wonderful exploration found in Minecraft with head-scratching puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours. Solid gameplay and a wonderful art style makes Tri a game to remember.


Game Review: Defense Grid 2 [PC]

Defense Grid 2 is a strong sequel and retains the series place as one of, if not the, best tower defence game out there. Find out why in our review.


Game Review: Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition [PC]

Only if the game was well optimised, I'd have had so much fun. For console owners, it might be safer sticking to Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One. Find our why in our technical review.


Video Review: Gauntlet [PC]

Gauntlet is the modern reimagining of the 1985 arcade classic which hasn’t really had a worthy sequel since, but has that now changed, or is it just a blast to the past we didn’t really need?


Game Review: Styx: Master Of Shadows [PC/PS4/Xbox One]

It's not easy being green. Doubly so when you're a 200-year old amnesiac Goblin infiltrator trying to steal a magical artefact from under the noses of a tower full of people. How does it fare against other stealth-um-ups? Sneak...


Game Review: Star Conflict [PC]

Star Conflict is a Free-To-Star space combat shooter, is it a game worth investing in? Find out in our review.


Game Review: Sherlock Holmes- Crime & Punishment (PC/PS4/XboxOne)

Come Watson, it is time to deduce whether this particular game holds up well to the Sherlock name. Let's go forth and read this review!

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Game Review: Fenix Rage [PC]

As a gamer, it's never a good idea to get angry. Accessories can be easily broken and Green Lava Studios' latest release may push you to these limits. This is Fenix Rage.

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Game Review: Doorways: The Underworld [PC]

The Underworld doesn’t reach the heights it is so clearly capable of achieving, but on the other this is a distinct improvement over the previous two episodes. Find out why in our review.

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