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Game Review: Sherlock Holmes- Crime & Punishment (PC/PS4/XboxOne)

Come Watson, it is time to deduce whether this particular game holds up well to the Sherlock name. Let's go forth and read this review!

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Game Review: Fenix Rage [PC]

As a gamer, it's never a good idea to get angry. Accessories can be easily broken and Green Lava Studios' latest release may push you to these limits. This is Fenix Rage.

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Game Review: Doorways: The Underworld [PC]

The Underworld doesn’t reach the heights it is so clearly capable of achieving, but on the other this is a distinct improvement over the previous two episodes. Find out why in our review.


Game Review: Schrödinger’s Cat & The Raiders Of The Lost Quark [PC/iOS/Android]

Team 17 have now released their new platformer Schrödinger's Cat and The Raiders of The Lost Quark. We see how it fits in with the recurring trend of platformers.


Game Review: Risen 3 Titan Lords [PC/PS3/Xbox360]

I can't even classify this as a poor man's RPG due to its ridiculous price for what it offers.


Game Review: The Sims 4 [PC]

The Sims 4 is a quirky and a pleasantly fun instalment into The Sims series, boasting Sims that are more Human than before. It'll give you new experiences to laugh about, new frustrations as more sinks break, and a great new wa...


Game Review: The Golf Club

As someone who was once an enthusiastic golfer, I’ve covered many miles often wondering what I could do to make a scenario easier or more difficult. Wayward drives would often result in me having to play from the rough or...


Game Review: Sacred 3 [PC/PS3/Xbox360]

Sacred 3 was the highly awaited sequel to Sacred 2, but has fell extremely far from making its mark as a game worthy of the expansion of the series. Find out why in our review.


Game Review: Back To Bed [PC/Mobile]

Back to Bed is a quirky, charming and enjoyable puzzle game. However, its short length prevents it from reaching its full potential.

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Game Review: Wayward Manor [PC]

Wayward Manor offers a charming and interesting concept in the form of a fed-up ghost trying to scare away his manor's living inhabitants. However, it fails to execute this concept with much skill, and ultimately the experience...

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