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Game Review: Pneuma: Breath Of Life [PC/XboxOne]

Pneuma: Breath of Life, is a brand-new IP for the Xbox One and PC. This puzzler looks amazing thanks to the Unreal 4 engine, but does the gameplay and overall experience match that?


Game Review: Minutes [PS4/PSVita]

  Minutes is a simple action arcade game that dabbles with bullet-hell esk gameplay. Each level lasts a minute and in that minute your aim is to rack up as many points as possible. The gameplay premise is very simplistic;...


Game Review: Unmechanical Extended [PSVita/PS3/PS4/XboxOne]

Unmechanical Extended is a wonderful and often charming puzzle game, but it often stumbles thanks to the increase in puzzle difficulty. We've been reviewing the Xbox One version to see how this game compares to more recent puzz...


Video Review: Undead Shadows [PC]

A great game to gift to someone you hate!


Video Review: Fractured Soul [PC]

Fractured Soul is a platformer with elements of precision and puzzle platforming, which involves switching between two separate dimensions to overcome various obstacles and challenges. It sounds intriguing in theory, but is it ...


Game Review: Life Is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis [PC/PS4/XboxOne]

Life Is Strange combines the feel of an indie high school drama, throws in a dash of sci-fi and mixes it together with interactive dramas inspired by the likes of Heavy Rain. It has its issues, but Chrysalis is a promising firs...


Game Review: Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds [PC/PSVita/Xbox360]

Phantom Breaker:Battle Grounds is a flawed yet charming beat em up that fails to remain engaging, despite its gorgeous visual style.


Game Review: Game Of Thrones – Episode 2: The Lost Lords [PC/PS4/XboxOne]

Following episode ones cliffhanger, The Lost Lords has a tough act to follow. In episode 2, we get to know more about the Forrester family, but are we in for more filler over action? Let’s find out in our review of episode ...


Game Review: Dying Light [PC/PS4/XboxOne]

After my experience with Dying Light at EGX 2014, I was very weary coming into the game at release, doubting whether the developers would make most of the extra time following the games most recent delay. Thankfully I was prov...


Game Review: The Escapists [PC/XboxOne]

Having been successfully backed on Kickstarter and being on Steam Early Access since last year, The Escapists is now approaching its final release. How has the final version of the game improved on the experience of a few month...

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