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bangkok feat

Game Review: Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok

Four episodes in, Hitman takes us to a new location that is reminiscent of older games in the series. With only two episodes left, you'd expect the episodes to be getting progressively better, but the episodic game just can't l...

Brutal fi

Game Review: Brut@l

The title of this dungeon crawling action game sums up its feel and aesthetic fairly well. Brut@l is a dark, violent, aggressive and challenging game.


Game Review: The King of Fighters XIV

It’s been 22 years since the release of the original King of Fighters and with The King of Fighters XIV, it’s a gem of a game that’s stayed true to its roots, but remains as relevant as ever.


Game Review: Assetto Corsa

An exceptional racing simulator, with an edge like no other; which ironically lacks the final polish, which bars it from achieving greatness.


Game Review: Armikrog

It’s hard to really pinpoint what would make Armikrog a better game as there’s so many issues with it. There is a definite charm to it though thanks to the visuals and audio that make it a pleasant experience when you’re ...


Game Review: Batman – The Telltale Series – Episode 1: Realm of Shadows

For the first time Telltale Games have ventured into the world of DC Comics with their adaptation of the Batman universe. But will this game offer something new or have we seen it all before?


Game Review: F1 2016

A great representation of the sport which can be enjoyed by everybody. However, just like the real F1, it can bore some to tears after just a handful of laps.


Game Review: Minecraft Story Mode (Episodes 5-7)

Much like Episodes 1-4, the current tale is a perfect continuation of what is a casual "choose your own adventure".


Game Review: Bound

A work of art, which exemplifies the direction in which the gaming indie scene should be heading, while at the same time showcasing why it should also abandon AAA techniques of conducting narrative.

headlander featured

Game Review: Headlander

A fantastic psychedelic adventure which gives a whole new meaning to using your head.