Game Review: Game Of Thrones – Episode 3: The Sword In The Darkness [PC/PS4/XboxOne]

Following the somewhat tension free episode two and the fact that all my choices were ignored from the first episode, I went into The Sword in the Darkness short of optimism. Thankfully my faith has been restored as episode th...


Video Review: RIDE [PC/PS3/PS4/Xbox360/XboxOne]

After the release of MXGP and MotoGP 14 last year, Milestone is once again, back on the bike with their newest IP, RIDE. This motorcycle racer is non-stop fun and is something everyone should play. Find out why in our review.


Game Review: Shiftlings [PC/PS4/Xbox One]

After a long hiatus, Sierra has returned to the gaming sector and the latest comeback game which they have published is Shiftlings. This game, developed by Rock Pocket Games and is a puzzle platformer which is colourful, but la...

Shelter 2

Game Review: Shelter 2 [PC]

After the success of Shelter with its family of Badgers, Might and Delight have released Shelter 2 moving up in the food chain, as you look after a family of Lynx. Read on to find out how they have improved the series, and wher...


Game Review: DmC Definitive Edition [PS4/XboxOne]

Are you a Devil May Cry or a fan of the Hack ‘n’ Slash genre that overlooked the initial the DmC reboot? Well if so (and even if you’ve played the original release), then don’t miss out on this Definitive Edition! Find...


Game Review: Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Season Review [PC/[PS4/XboxOne]

The season is now complete for Resident Evil Revelations 2 and here we follow the tale of series veterans Claire Redfield and Barry Burton, only this time they both have friends to tag along with as they try to discover and esc...


Game Review: Hektor [PC]

Hektor is a first person psychological horror game which uses procedural generation to spice up its level design, however it falls back in other departments. Read the full review to find out where.


Game Review: Total War: Attila [PC]

Total War: Attila is the newest instalment into the historical strategy series by The Creative Assembly and SEGA. Bringing brand new mechanics to the series, the game gives a fresh new face to the Total War universe. But how w...

Ostrich Island

Video Review: Ostrich Island – Escape From The Paradise [PC]

Ever wanted to know what being a magnificent Ostrich feels like? Well, now you can finally poke your head in every hole with MeDungeon Ltd's Ostrich Island, where you are given an entire island to play and roam as an ostrich. H...

Flame-Over_PC_2015-01-20 2015-01-21 12-59-31-76

Game Review: Flame Over [PSVita]

Flame Over shows that the world of firefighting can make for a very good game. It piles on the panic of battling a fire but keeps it fun for all thanks to its style and presentation. If you have been wanting to attempt a roguel...

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