Game Review: SteamWorld Dig [3DS/PS4/Vita/Wii U/PC]

SteamWorld Dig is the best parts of great indie titles put into one, small platformer. Those who wish to dedicate a few hours to something simple will soon find themselves addicted to the rhythmic gameplay of Image & Form's lat...


Game Review: The Golf Club

As someone who was once an enthusiastic golfer, I’ve covered many miles often wondering what I could do to make a scenario easier or more difficult. Wayward drives would often result in me having to play from the rough or...


Game Review: Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty [PS4/PS3/PSVita]

The developers at Just Add Water have been working on re-creating the PS1 classic Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, now repackaged as Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty. It retains much of its original charm, yet manages to moves it forward...

Suregeon simulator FI

Game Review: Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition [PS4/PC/Mobile]

Erratic, mind bogglingly terrible gameplay! This is our review of the PS4 version of Surgeon Simulator, with the Anniversary Edition.


Game Review: Road Not Taken [PS4/PC]

Road Not Taken is one of this month's free PlayStation Plus titles for the PS4. This roguelike puzzler is charming and well thought-out, but will it be able to keep your attention?

Ep4 Amid-the-ruins-0

Game Review: The Walking Dead – S2 – Ep3 – Amid The Ruins [PC/PS3/Xbox360]

Episode 4 Amid the Ruins cranks up the tension and character development up a notch and our Clem shows true signs of becoming a leader. With the slow-ish start that season two had, is it now showing signs of topping even the a...


Video Review: Another Perspective [PC]

Another Perspective is a short puzzle platformer experience, reminiscent of the likes of Braid. It’s main mechanic being the alternate perspective of other characters you can switch between on the screen, much like The Swappe...


Game Review: Sacred 3 [PC/PS3/Xbox360]

Sacred 3 was the highly awaited sequel to Sacred 2, but has fell extremely far from making its mark as a game worthy of the expansion of the series. Find out why in our review.


Game Review: Pure Pool [PS4/XboxOne/PC]

Pure Pool is the first pool game available on the newest consoles, but does the new consoles mean a new direction for the game?


Game Review: Table Top Racing [PS Vita/Mobile]

The highly successful free-to-play mobile title Table Top Racers has been improved for the PS Vita and is out now. Will Table Top Racers climb to the top of the podium or will it get a puncture on the first lap?

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