My List of 5 Ideas I'd like to see in Yooka Laylee 950 390

Cameron’s List of 5 Ideas For Yooka Laylee

I have great faith that this game will be… well, great. But there’s always room for more ideas, so here’s some of mine. Do you have some ideas of your own? I’d love to hear them. Enjoy. Recently Yooka-L...

Redo Reviewed Sonic Heroes 950 390

Video Review: Sonic Heroes [Gamecube]

Sonic Heroes was the first Sonic game to be released on all major consoles simultaneously and allowed you to switch between other characters to help get things accomplished through teamwork. But how does it fair today? Find o...

My List of the 5 Best Apologies in the Gaming Industry 950 390

Cameron’s List Of The 5 Best Apologies In The Gaming Industry

  Hopefully the industry learns something from how these 5 entries handled their mistakes. Hey we’re all human and even the pros can screw up royally from time to time, so which ones set a good example? Guess youR...

Quick 5 Wall Jumpers 950 390

Video Feature: Quick 5: Wall Jumpers

In video games jumping off a wall can actually be the most important thing to a character… eh, maybe not, but it’s an important move that can help them to get areas where they couldn’t normally reach. These 5 ...

Reviewed Shovel Knight 950 390

Video Review: Shovel Knight [WiiU]

Does Shovel Knight dig up classic gaming goodness or dig itself into a rut? Let's find out in our review!

Our List of 5 Stages and Bosses We'd Like to see in SSB WiiU950390

5 Stages & Bosses We’d Like To See In Super Smash Bros. For 3DS & Wii U

Even though it says I got this up on the same day as the Direct, I still got it uploaded before it went live (on my YouTube channel anyways). Everybody start chanting: DLC, DLC, DLC (and it worked!). Special thanks to Swedish...

My 5 Personal Favorite and Hated Mario Kart Power Ups 950390

Cameron’s Five Favorite and Hated Mario Kart Power-Ups

Mario Kart is a lot of fun with the power-ups, too bad they can’t all be winners.

My List of 10 Unpleasant Sounds in Video Games950390

Cameron’s List of 10 Unpleasant Sounds in Video Games

While it’s true that many of these sounds serve a purpose, that doesn’t mean they should make you want to make mute your TV or handheld. Enjoy. 🙂

My 10 Personal Favorite Changes in Pokemon950390

Cameron’s 10 Favorite Changes in Pokemon

Every generation of Pokemon comes with some new changes, some stand out far better than others. Since this seemed like a interesting idea I decided to do this while I wait for the Ruby and Sapphire remakes in-case there were an...

Quick 5 Favorite Space Level Themes950390

Quick 5: CJS’ Favourite Space Level Themes

On today’s Quick 5 Cameron brings you his favourite Space Level Themes in video games. These tracks are as easy to get lost in as space itself. Do you have some favourite Space Level Themes of your own? We’d love to...