Reviewed Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze950390

Video Review: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze [WiiU]

DK and pals are rteturn o get their Island back from Artic invaders in one of the best 2D platformers to come out in years.

My list of 10 Nintendo 3rd party ideas950390

Cameron’s 10 Nintendo 3rd Party Ideas!

After hearing the president of Nintendo finally say that he’ll let more 3rd parties handle their franchises I just had to make this list! So here are my 10 ideas for which 3rd party companies could handle a Nintendo Franc...

Redo Reviewed Sonic Adventure 2 Battle950390

Game Review: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle- Video Review [Gamecube]

Does Sonic's second Adventure deliver his most memorable game yet?

Reviewed Pikmin 3 950390

Game Review: Pikmin 3 – Video Review [WiiU]

It's third times the charm for the Pikmin series as the WiiU delivers what could be the most defining game for it's system.

My 10 Personal Favorite Wintery Winterish Levels in Video Games950390

Cameron’s 10 Favourite Wintery Winter-ish Levels In Video Games

Holy night, I can’t believe I finally finished this list. I started brainstorming on this list back in late 2011. After not being able to work on it for one reason or another it’s finally here and done before Christ...

Quick 5 Favorite RPG feature

Quick 5: CJS’ Favorite Role Playing Games

CJ finally got some time to put together a quick list of his favourite Role Playing Games. Can you believe that not a single Final Fantasy game is on here? Leave a list of your favorite Role Playing Games in the comments sectio...

Redo Reviewed Pikmin950390

Game Review: Pikmin (Gamecube)

Little tiny plant creatures that do anything you say, what's not to like?

My 10 Personal Favorite Unova 5th Gen Pokemon950390

Cameron’s 10 Favorite Unova (5th Gen) Pokemon

With only 1 month to go until Pokemon X and Y are released CJ brings you his 10 favourite Pokemon from the last generation, Black and White. Did your favourites make the list? If not don’t worry, you can always leave a co...

Reviewed Game and Wario950390

Game Review: Game & Wario [WiiU]

The Wario Ware series has always been known for it's fast, frantic and addictive minigames. Well it's a good thing they didn't name this Wario Ware otherwise fans would really be disappointed.

My 10 Personal Favorite Sinnoh 4th Gen Pokemon950390

Cameron’s 10 Favorite Sinnoh (4th Gen) Pokemon

The 4th generation of Pokemon. I’ll always love it for the physical special attack split, the WiFi, and how it improved on a lot of the older Pokemon. I do feel that there are a lot of duds here but the great ones more th...