Akradon’s Videos

Video Review: Goat Simulator [PC]

Akradon presents his first 5 minute review of the recently released Goat Simulator!! Be gentle!! Out on the 1st April 2014, this goat has caused quite a stir in the gaming community! Baaa Baaa Baaaaa!!!


Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare – Garden Ops Gameplay

With the recent release of the brand new Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, I decided to get a friend and try out the new Garden Ops mode. In Garden Ops you have to survive and protect your garden through 10 waves of zombies. O...


Let’s Play: Killer Instinct (Video)

Finally we get to play the new and (hopefully) improved Killer Instinct on Xbox One!! Geeing It Up A Notch take each other on in the versus mode! Who will come out on top?? Let’s find out! Killer Instinct is a free to pla...


WWE 2K14 : Phenom Edition – The Unboxing

With the release of the newest WWE title last week, I bring you an unboxing video of the Limited Phenom Edition of WWE 2K14. The ‘Phenom Edition’ includes the following: Exclusive Tin Coffin Box Exclusive Collectabl...


Minecraft – Halloween Texture Pack Preview

To keep us in the Halloween holiday spirit, 4J Studios have released a FREE texture pack for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. This texture pack is available from now until the 3rd Of November. I have a quick run through in th...


Lego Marvel Super Heroes Demo Gameplay

This is possibly the Lego title that I have been looking forward to the most since I’ve been playing the Lego Games. I enjoyed Batman 1 and 2, but was never a huge DC fan. However, I LOVE my Marvel things! So hearing abou...


GTA V: Online – Introduction Video and First Race

The highly anticipated online mode for GTA V is finally here! We have a nice video from Geeking It Up A Notch showing us the Introduction and the first race of the online mode! You can see the video above. Hopefully see you onl...


Minecraft: Skin Pack 5 Preview

Minecraft on the Xbox 360 has been nothing but successful and the constant updates and downloadable skin packs keep the gamers coming back for more (myself included), so here we are, skin pack 5 has recently been released and I...


Deadpool: The Game – Gameplay Walkthrough

Everyone loves the merc with a mouth! Deadpool and his highly anticipated game has now arrived! Officially released on 25th June for USA and 28th June for Europe, he is now available to buy from everywhere. Some people maybe un...


State Of Decay Gameplay

 State Of Decay was released on Xbox Live Arcade on the 5th June 2013. It pits you as one of many survivors during the zombie apocalypse, you need to work with your group to survive and find resources. You also need to learn ...