Opinion: How Windows 10 Can Improve The Xbox Community

We don’t exactly know what the upcoming plans of Xbox on Windows 10 are but this is one of the most interested things I’ve thought of regarding the Xbox One app on Windows 10. Apart from being announced, bringing b...


Ratz Instagib Coming To Steam Early Access 21st January

Ratz Instagib is a first-person shooter featuring exclusively instagib game modes. For those unsure of what instagib is, it is a ‘1-shot-1-kill’ type of game much like that of the mutator included in various older ...


Video Preview: The Mims Beginning

The Mims Beginning is an upcoming God-game with quite a unique and well realised setting. We have certainly been lacking in decent God-games over the past few years, so is The Mims Beginning able to turn things around, or is it...


Shadowrun Hong Kong Announced & Backed Ridiculously Fast

  Now I may not be the biggest fan of Shadowrun, but there is no denying that it is one of the most played and well received games within the gaming industry over the years, in fact one only has to look at the ridiculous...


New Motorcycle IP RIDE To Be Released March 20th

  Italian developers Milestone s.r.l have today confirmed that their new IP RIDE will be available worldwide on March 20th. Having been in production for numerous months, the developers had scheduled for a Spring 2015 re...

TheEscapists (2)

The Escapists Heading To PC & Xbox One In February

Team17 and Mouldy Toof Studios have today confirmed that their recent title, The Escapists, will be heading to PC and Xbox One on February 13th, 2015. The game, which had been in Steam’s Early Access program since late la...


Video Review: LA Cops – Early Access [PC]

Team17 have had a successful year assisting smaller studios with their projects and they have done so again with LA Cops. Developed by Modern Dream, this throwback to 70's American cop culture is as rewarding as it is challenging.


Video Preview: The Deer God

The Deer God is a perma-death platformer in which you assume the role of a deer, and you must grow and survive in the harsh world presented before you. The world might appear beautiful and vibrant, but it seems almost everythin...


Ho Ho Ho! Leak Suggests Steam Holiday 2014 Sale Coming December 18th

PayPal Japan has sent a Redditer user an e-mail suggesting that Steam are kicking off its yearly Holiday Sale on Thursday December 18th running through until Friday January 2nd. Although by no means official confirmation the da...


Fossil Echo On Steam Greenlight

 Fossil Echo is a gorgeous looking 2D adventure platformer, designed and produced by a 2-man French indie development team, with music orchestrated by John Matz (Gunpoint). Follow the journey of a young boy as he goes to clim...

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