Redo Reviewed Sonic Adventure 2 Battle950390

Game Review: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle- Video Review [Gamecube]

Does Sonic's second Adventure deliver his most memorable game yet?


The Legend Of Zelda Windwaker HD – Gameplay & Features Trailer

Another new trailer has surfaced for Wind Waker HD, this time showcasing the “Fast Sail” and the beautiful comparisons between itself and the Gamecube predecessor. They state that they have made the game faster, str...

My 10 Personal Favorite Hoenn 3nd Gen Pokemon 950390

Cameron’s 10 Favorite Hoenn (Third Generation) Pokemon

The Hoenn list is finally here. Man I love Hoenn, some of my all time favorite pokemon reside here. Great starter pokemon, cool legendary pokemon, and hey, the first Normal type to be in my list. Enjoy. (Sorry I won’t be ...

My 10 Personal Favorite Johto 2nd Gen Pokemon

Cameron’s 10 Favorite Johto (Second Generation) Pokemon

Took some time but the second list is finally here. Are your favourites on this list? No? Well you should make your list then. Enjoy.  


Quick 5: CJS’ Favorite Launch Titles

The Wii U is almost upon us (stupid waitlist) so now is as good a time as any to make a Quick Five of my (cjszero01) favorite Launch Titles. These are the games that showed almost the full potential of a system right at the sta...


Reviewed: F-Zero GX

Oh F-Zero, we missed you so much on the Wii. Let’s look back at all the great things you did for your Gamecube iteration. It still blows my mind that SEGA’s Super Monkey Ball team did this but wow did they know what...


Masahiro Sakurai Working Hard to Bring Old Favourites to New Smash Bros. Games

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Super Smash Bros., has revealed that he is working hard to bring old favourites of past Smash Bros. games to the Wii U and 3DS versions of the games. “I am planning on doing my best to bring o...

Quick 5 CJS's Favorite Zelda games

Quick 5: CJS’s Favorite Legend of Zelda games

  Today cjszero01 brings you his quick 5 list of his favorite Legend of Zelda games. As a reminder this list is only a personal list so if you have a difference of opinion leave a comment about your favorite Zelda games. There...


Reviewed: Pokemon Colosseum

  Pokemon Colosseum is a love it or hate it game. Of course that really depends on how you approach it. If you were expecting all the features that stadium series had then I assume this game greatly disappointed you. Hey I...


Chris’ Top Ten Zelda Games

When people think about the Legend of Zelda, they automatically think about Ocarina of Time, admittedly, it is one of THE greatest games in the world, but there are other Zelda games in the series and they all have a lot to off...