Her Story Releases This Month

Her Story is an intriguing concept for a game. You sit at a computer looking through files and trying to piece together a mystery. Did this woman commit the crime? Is she innocent? Is there more to it than that? All of these q...


Broken Age Complete Series Launch Trailer, Final Episode Out Now

  To commemorate the release of the final episode for Broken Age, Double Fine Productions have release the launch trailer for it. The game is available now on PS Vita, PC, and mobile devices, both iOS and Android.


Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered Confirmed For PC & iOS, No Console Release

  After weeks of teasing and the leak by Amazon last week, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered has been officially confirmed, though it might not be for the platforms that you want.  Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remaste...

Night Cry

New Night Cry Screenshots & PC Kickstarter Is Now Live

  We have finally got a hint as to what the spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series will look like with Night Cry via some all new screenshots, and boy does it look moody. Apparently the game will take place on a...


PlayWorld Superheroes Is A Thing Of Fantasy

Targeted for an iOS release later this month, PlayWorld Superheroes aims to provide not only a safe and danger free experience rid of in-app purchases for kids 5+, but also a blank canvas which players of all age can paint with...

Night Cry

Clock Tower Is Getting A Spiritual Successor & This Is What We Think

  The bone chilling world of Clock Tower will continue to haunt fans yet again with its new spiritual successor, Night Cry. Night Cry was originally in development as Project Scissors, as announced during Tokyo Game S...


Hay Ewe From Team 17 Announced For iOS

  Continuing their support for small indie studios, Team 17 have revealed that they are publishing Hay Ewe for iOS devices. Developed by Rocket Rainbow, Hay Ewe is a fast-paced puzzle game which sees the player making thei...


Football Manager 2015 Release Month Announced

Great news for football fans, as the release date to the upcoming Football Manager 2015 has just been announced. Set to release in November this year, the game will be available for digital and physical Pre-order pretty soon. F...


Bioshock Is Making Its Way Onto iPhone and iPad

Now I seriously do not care whether you like gaming on mobile or not, but you have to step back and just think how far we have come. I mean, if you were to tell me that we would be playing a triple A title like Bioshock or lets...


The Witcher Is Getting A MOBA On Mobile Platform – Trailer And Screenshots Released

Well this is interesting, as it has just been revealed that The Witcher franchise will be getting an MOBA addition to its library, which actually sounds pretty logical to be honest. Seriously, The Witcher universe is filled w...

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