Hay Ewe From Team 17 Announced For iOS

  Continuing their support for small indie studios, Team 17 have revealed that they are publishing Hay Ewe for iOS devices. Developed by Rocket Rainbow, Hay Ewe is a fast-paced puzzle game which sees the player making thei...


Pokémon Trading Card Game For iPad

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has now launched for iPad and iPad mini devices, bringing the popular TCG to more audiences. The application is currently available in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France and the UK, it lau...


Football Manager 2015 Release Month Announced

Great news for football fans, as the release date to the upcoming Football Manager 2015 has just been announced. Set to release in November this year, the game will be available for digital and physical Pre-order pretty soon. F...


Bioshock Is Making Its Way Onto iPhone and iPad

Now I seriously do not care whether you like gaming on mobile or not, but you have to step back and just think how far we have come. I mean, if you were to tell me that we would be playing a triple A title like Bioshock or lets...


The Witcher Is Getting A MOBA On Mobile Platform – Trailer And Screenshots Released

Well this is interesting, as it has just been revealed that The Witcher franchise will be getting an MOBA addition to its library, which actually sounds pretty logical to be honest. Seriously, The Witcher universe is filled w...


Mighty Adventure Looks Mighty Fun

First of all, any game that uses “In The Hall Of The Mountain King” is a must play in my book, doesn’t help that the game looks naturally fun to play. “Mighty Adventure” is expected to release on...

Flyhunter Origins screenshot (1)

Ex-Pixar Veterans Reveal New Game Project ‘Flyhunter Origins’

Steel Wool Games have revealed that they are planning to launch their first game, Flyhunter Origins, this summer and the game has been created by some of the film industries most iconic artists and animators. The 2D platformer ...

The Wolf Among Us Feature 1

The Wolf Among Us – Episode 4 Out This Week

  Little over a month has passed since we last visited Bigby and the rest of the Fables in episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us and now Telltale games have announced the penultimate episode of the critically acclaimed series w...


Game Review: Shiny The Firefly [Steam/iOS/Android]

Shiny the Firefly is the lastest export from mobile gaming to come to Steam. Boasting wonderful graphics and an interesting concept, how well will it perform on PC?


Free-To-Play Trials Frontier Hits iOS Devices Today

Trials veterans can now get their fix on the go as Ubisoft and RedLynx have released Trials Frontier as a free-to-play game for iOS devices. Trial Frontier is the latest in the award-winning Trials series, bringing its ...

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