Football Manager 2015 Release Month Announced

Great news for football fans, as the release date to the upcoming Football Manager 2015 has just been announced. Set to release in November this year, the game will be available for digital and physical Pre-order pretty soon. F...


Video Review: Shattered Planet [PC/Android/iOS]

Shattered Planet is a traditional rogue-like game in the sense of turn-based movement and random level generation and I had no clue what Shattered Planet had in store for me, but I was actually pleasantly surprised.


The Witcher Is Getting A MOBA On Mobile Platform – Trailer And Screenshots Released

Well this is interesting, as it has just been revealed that The Witcher franchise will be getting an MOBA addition to its library, which actually sounds pretty logical to be honest. Seriously, The Witcher universe is filled w...

Flyhunter Origins screenshot (1)

Ex-Pixar Veterans Reveal New Game Project ‘Flyhunter Origins’

Steel Wool Games have revealed that they are planning to launch their first game, Flyhunter Origins, this summer and the game has been created by some of the film industries most iconic artists and animators. The 2D platformer ...


Game Review: Shiny The Firefly [Steam/iOS/Android]

Shiny the Firefly is the lastest export from mobile gaming to come to Steam. Boasting wonderful graphics and an interesting concept, how well will it perform on PC?


GTA V Ifruit App Is Finally Available For The PS Vita

Around half a year later, Rockstar Games has “finally” released iFruit on PS Vita, an app that serves as a companion to the best-selling GTA V. Now, it is understandable that a lot of PS Vita users are upset at Ro...


Save Big On Amazing Square Enix Mobile Deals

Ah, deals… what will we do without them? Good news for all you savvy gamers out there, as Square Enix has just put a huge discount on some of its games from the mobile platform, including Deus Ex: The Fall. Until next M...


Wonder Momo Anime & Game Announced!

An exciting new anime is on it’s way to us and that anime is called “Wonder Momo!” (I cant help but sing it in the style of the original Wonder Woman theme). Not only is it in gorgeous anime form, but the awe...


Broken Age Has Now Been Released – Letter From Tim

Exciting news for adventure gamers as Tim Schafer’s new game, Broken Age has just been released as a season pass. The game is perhaps one of the most anticipated games of all time, and had led a highly successful Kickst...


Attack on Titan: Roar to Freedom

  If you follow me on Twitter or you’re an amigo on Facebook, then you’ll know I’ve recently discovered a great anime; Attack on Titan. This is one incredible series and people need to experience it. Be warne...

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