Game Review: SteamWorld Dig [3DS/PS4/Vita/Wii U/PC]

SteamWorld Dig is the best parts of great indie titles put into one, small platformer. Those who wish to dedicate a few hours to something simple will soon find themselves addicted to the rhythmic gameplay of Image & Form's lat...

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Pokken Tournament Announced For 2015, Announcement Trailer

A new game has been announced by the Pokémon Company today, Pokken Tournament is a Pokémon fighting game, and will be released in 2015 for arcade systems. Footage of a Machamp fighting a Lucario was shown, on a field much lik...


Dying Light – Co-Op Explained Video

Recently Hollie Bennett from Playstation Access got a chance to speak with the lead designer at Techland Maciej Binkowski, for the zombie apocalyptic open-world zombie-fest Dying Light.  During this feature, we have explained ...


FIFA 15 – Liverpool Vs. Manchester City Gameplay – Full Match

A gameplay video for FIFA 15 has been released which showcases a full match between Liverpool vs. Manchester City.  The gameplay footage is taken from an Xbox One, but will of course represent gameplay for the PS4 and PC.  Du...


Halo 2: Anniversary – Multiplayer Gameplay Footage

343 Industries has released an hour’s worth of multiplayer gameplay footage featuring the Ascension and Sanctuary maps from Halo 2: Anniversary, which will of course be included in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.  Hopeful...


The Last Of Us To Receive Free Maps For PS3 & PS3

The Last of Us: Remastered is still in its early stages in regards to the multiplayer and as a result, there has been some problems with the online matchmaking process, with many matches taking a while to get started.  Naughty...


Game Review: The Golf Club

As someone who was once an enthusiastic golfer, I’ve covered many miles often wondering what I could do to make a scenario easier or more difficult. Wayward drives would often result in me having to play from the rough or...

HardWest FI

Hard West – An Xcom Inspired Wild West Game

Hard West, a PC turn based game that apparently takes combat inspiration from the likes of Xcom, as well as an over world map reminiscent of Heroes of Might and Magic, has reached the half-way point in its Kickstarter campaign,...


EA Finally Clamping Down On FIFA Ultimate Team Cheaters

EA has revealed today in an open letter to the FIFA community that they are upset at how cheaters are ruining FIFA Ultimate Team and warned that they are now bringing the ban hammer to offenders. The system that will be in plac...

fistful of gun

A Fistful Of Gun Announced For 2015 Release

Developer FarmerGnome and Publisher Devolver Digital have announced a colourful new top-down western shooter. A Fistful Of Guns is set for release on PC in the spring of 2015 and should have gunslingers from all around ready f...

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