Nintendo announce a mini HDMI NES with 30 games!

Nintendo is having a field day at the moment in the videogame industry with their recent mobile title Pokémon Go which has taken the world by storm and is the most downloaded app to date. Now, Nintendo of America have announ...


Update: Gears of War 4 Xbox One S console officially revealed

Update: Microsoft have now officially announced the 2TB Gears of War 4 Crimson Omen Limited Edition Xbox One S console (now that’s a mouthful)and have released a batch of new screenshots and videos.  But that’s not a...

psp ffxv

Final Fantasy XV Reveals its European Cover Art

Final Fantasy XV is a little over two months away, and so it seems the perfect time to reveal what the box art for the game will be. In the olden days the box art for Final Fantasy games used to be a simple white background ...


No Man’s Sky Debuts New Video Series With Explore

No Man’s Sky promises to be a near endless game of many things, but people still seem confused about what it actually is. Sony look to help clear that up with their new video series for the game. There will be four entri...


Overcooked Out This August, trailer released

When it comes to fun party games due for release there seems to be one that keeps earning the plaudits on the festival circuit. The cook-em-up multiplayer Overcooked. The other month it was announced that Team 17 would be help...

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The art of Civilization VI developer diary

  When the first screens of Civilization VI appeared, people were surprised; where were the realistic visuals seen in previous games? Everything was so colourful and vibrant, almost like a Legend of Zelda game, and I&#...


Hyper Light Drifter Coming Soon to Consoles

  Hyper Light Drifter, critically acclaimed action RPG from Heart Machine studios, is finally making its way to current gen consoles. The title will make its console debut on both, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, on 26th of ...


Bandai Namco Show Off Special Editions of New Dragon Ball and Sword Art Online

When it comes to fancy special editions you can always bank on niche Japanese games to have something up their sleeves. This week Bandai Namco showed off two. The first of which is for the fourth entry in the Sword Art Online...


WWE 2K17 Collector’s Edition announced, includes Finn Bálor statue

In recent years the WWE games from 2K have included some awesome Funko Pop figures, namely Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin; however, we’re treated to something a little different with this year’s instalment.  Rather...


Game Review: Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 might not be the Survival Horror experience that you’re after, but it might just be more fun then you remember or led to believe…SHEVA!...OK!