#Gamecom2016 Resident Evil 7 Lantern trailer shows new horror

It is said that Resident Evil 7 will feature various horrors depending on the characters perspective for which you are playing and in this latest “Lantern” trailer, this certainly seems to be the case as it looks different ...


WWE 2K17 Roster update, New Day entrance vid and backstage gameplay

2K has updated us with the latest roster additions to WWE 2K17 for week 3, and it includes the likes of AJ Styles, The Dudley Boyz, the completion of The New Day Trio with Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods, Randy Savage, Rick Ru...


#Gamescom2016 Bioshock: The Collection Remastered comparison trailer

2K has released a trailer that looks at the opening moments of the original Bioshock game and compares the visuals between the 2006 original and this year’s remastered version that will be included in Bioshock: The Collection...


#Gamescom2016 Injustice 2 – Harley Quinn and Deadshot trailer and screenshots

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios have released a new gameplay trailer for Injustice 2 that showcases Suicide Squad members Harley Quinn and Deadshot.  Have a look at the awesome gameplay trailer b...


#Gamescom2016: Steep Gets a New Trailer

Steep was a welcome surprise at E3 this year. With SSX looking like a revival in the near future is not going to happen, there is a severe lack of snow based extreme sports games. It seems that Steep is setting out to amend ...


#Gamescom2016: Final Fantasy XV Gets a Bunch of Gameplay & new Anime Episode

With the delay of Final Fantasy XV being announced just before Gamescom it meant that Square Enix needed to do something to appease fans and they appeased fans with the release of 50 minutes of gameplay footage. The gameplay ...


Overwatch at #Gamescom2016 Season 1 Roundup

During it’s showing at this year’s Gamescom, Blizzard has culminated the first season of competitive Overwatch. And while the competitive portion of the title has remained the focal point of the Overwatch centre...


Little Nightmares Consumes #Gamescom2016 With Its Brand New Trailer

Little Nightmares, as previously announced by the publisher Bandai Namco, has returned at Gamescom, with a brand new trailer titled ‘Deep Below The Waves‘. And while majority of the post-announcement trailers for v...


Game Review: Minecraft Story Mode (Episodes 5-7)

Much like Episodes 1-4, the current tale is a perfect continuation of what is a casual "choose your own adventure".


Yooka-Laylee Gets A #GamesCom2016 Trailer Showcasing More Gameplay

Every time I see a new Yooka-Laylee trailer I feel so much nostalgia taking me back to growing up in the 90’s and playing great platformers like Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario 64.  Yooka-Laylee is a platformer’s dre...