Game Review: Unmechanical Extended [PSVita/PS3/PS4/XboxOne]

Unmechanical Extended is a wonderful and often charming puzzle game, but it often stumbles thanks to the increase in puzzle difficulty. We've been reviewing the Xbox One version to see how this game compares to more recent puzz...


Video Review: Undead Shadows [PC]

A great game to gift to someone you hate!


Eurogamer Show-Off 40 Minutes Of Gameplay From The Final Fantasy XV Demo

Final Fantasy fans are beginning to froth a bit at the mouth. With only a month to go now until the release of Type-0 HD, it’s easy to see why. Not just because of Type-0 HD though, but because of the demo of Final ...

My List of the 5 Best Apologies in the Gaming Industry 950 390

Cameron’s List Of The 5 Best Apologies In The Gaming Industry

  Hopefully the industry learns something from how these 5 entries handled their mistakes. Hey we’re all human and even the pros can screw up royally from time to time, so which ones set a good example? Guess youR...

2015-02-22 11_37_55-7 Reasons to Upgrade to Zombie Army Trilogy - YouTube

Rebellion Give 7 Reasons To Upgrade To Zombie Army Trilogy

If you own Nazi Zombie Army 1 and or 2 already on PC you may be thinking “I love killing undead Nazi’s, but why should I re-buy the trilogy just for part three!?“. It appears that you may not be the only one...


Bloodborne – Gameplay Video Shows Monsters & Mini-Bosses

The latest gameplay video has been released for the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, courtesy of IGN First.  In this video we see some of the many nightmarish monsters and mini-bosses that we can expect to see in the game developed b...


Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Can Be Used In Mortal Kombat X

Todd McFarlane has confirmed that developers NetherRealm do have permission to use his Spawn character in their Mortal Kombat franchise.  When speaking in an interview with, McFarlane said that NetherRealm ...


Not A Hero Coming 7th May, “Elect Bunnylord” Trailer

Roll7’s Not A Hero has been confirmed for release on 7th May 2015 for PC and “later this year” for PS4 and PS Vita. In light of this, a brand new trailer entitled “Elect Bunnylord” has been released featuring gameplay...


Rumour: Rock Band In Development For Latest Consoles

There is a new Rock Band title in development for the PS4 and Xbox One, according to Bloomberg Business. In a story broken on Thursday 19th February, an employee of Harmonix, who wanted to remain anonymous, has revealed that...


Dreamfall Chapters : Book 2 Release Date Announced

The release date to Book 2 of Dreamfall Chapters has been announced, and it will be releasing on the 10th of March. It will be available on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store for Windows/Mac/Linux. Book 2 will continue the stor...

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