Game Review: Hektor [PC]

Hektor is a first person psychological horror game which uses procedural generation to spice up its level design, however it falls back in other departments. Read the full review to find out where.


Game Review: Total War: Attila [PC]

Total War: Attila is the newest instalment into the historical strategy series by The Creative Assembly and SEGA. Bringing brand new mechanics to the series, the game gives a fresh new face to the Total War universe. But how w...


Predator Officially Confirmed For Mortal Kombat X, Kombat Pack Fully Detailed

  Following an accidental reveal on the Xbox Marketplace that confirmed that the Predator will be included in the Mortal Kombat X’s Kombat Pack, the Galaxies most lethal hunter has been “officially” confirmed via an ...


Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty Dated For Xbox One

  The release date for the Xbox One version of Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty has been announced. Just Add Water’s critically acclaimed remaster will launch on March 27th 2015 via Microsoft’s ID@Xbox self-...

Ostrich Island

Video Review: Ostrich Island – Escape From The Paradise [PC]

Ever wanted to know what being a magnificent Ostrich feels like? Well, now you can finally poke your head in every hole with MeDungeon Ltd's Ostrich Island, where you are given an entire island to play and roam as an ostrich. H...

God of War III Remastered-7a

God Of War III Remastered Announced For PS4

  The God of War series turns 10 years old today and what better way to celebrate then to announce a new game?  Well I say “new”, but it is actually in fact God of War III Remastered for the PS4, which is considered b...


Updates: Kojima Removes His Name From Metal Gear 5’s Branding, But What Does It Mean?

Update 20/03/15: Konami has released a statement via their official website addressing the issue in full, where they say “they will  continue to develop and distribute top-quality content in the METAL GEAR series followi...


Even More Gears Of War Collection Rumours! Announcements At E3?

The studio manager at Black Tusk Studios sent out a tweet that added even more fuel to the Gears of War Collection fire, as well as hinting that there could be another surprise on its way.  Depending on what or where you read,...


Could We See An Alan Wake Xbox One Remaster?

During a Microsoft survey, they asked questions regarding whether or not we would like to see an HD Remaster of Alan Wake for the Xbox One.  Among many of the questions, the Alan Wake Remastered Edition was brought up as a pos...


Bloodborne – Extended TV Trailer & Customisation Details Revealed

  A couple of weeks ago, SCE and From Software released a TV Spot trailer for the forthcoming Bloodborne, which is set to release next week exclusively for the PS4.  Well now they have released an extended version of that...

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