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Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Character Creator Lets You Make Your Own Space Princess

  The character creator for Xenoblade Chronicles X looks awfully impressive, at least according to some recent details that have surfaced about the upcoming Wii U exclusive. The in-depth character creator will allow the pl...

bayonetta 950 390

Eurogamer Expo Preview: Bayonetta 2

Like a lot of people I love strong, witty and kick-ass heroines in the gaming world and one of my all time favourites has to be Bayonetta. As soon as I got my hands on the original game I was hooked; to me Bayonetta is the fema...


Legend Of Zelda Collectors Box Set Spotted

Some amazing news for you Legend Of Zelda fans out there! Well those of you from the USA anyway. Recently spotted on is a Legend Of Zelda collectable you might not want to miss. Although, to be a little different, th...


Pokémon X & Y- Kalos Region And First Gym Leader

                    You’re a young Pokémon trainer in the Kalos region and you want to enter the Pokemon league- What do you do? Well, like in the regions of Kanto, Hoenn...


Cameron’s list of the 5 reasons he’s Excited and Worried about the Wii U

Sometimes we have some great console launches like the Wii and the Super Nintendo, then we have the 3DS… anyways it’s time to put together a list about why I’m excited and worried about the Wii U. Enjoy.  

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