Hands-On Preview: FIFA 17 #EAplay #E32016

The beautiful game of football is back for another season from EA sports with some noticeable changes that are actually a lot better for the game. The first big change is the switch from the Ignite to Frostbite engine, it is n...


Preview: Iron Fish

  At last I’ve had chance to play the underwater horror adventure Iron Fish, which was announced back in May, immediately grabbing my attention and building my excitement ever since. The premise of the game is one that ...

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Steam Early Access Preview: Noct

I’ll be honest, my initial experiences with Noct have not been good, and I can say without any doubt that for many reasons, this is not the game for me. Within 30 minutes of gameplay I had already come to the conclusion that ...


Steam Early Access Preview: Between Me and the Night

Between Me and the Night, a quirky little adventure game from RainDance LX has made its way to Steam Early Access recently for the price of £14.99 – still in development, obviously, but using the Early Access format to gauge...


Hands-On Preview: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain [Spoiler Free]

It’s not very often that I can take long journey’s to attend gaming events, god knows I’ve had to miss many in my short amount years trying to make my way in this industry, but if there’s one game that’s gonna get me ...


Preview: Giana Sisters Dream Runners

  The long running Giana Sisters franchise is taking on a completely new venture with Dream Runners, one it pulls off admirably. A competitive multiplayer platforming racer, Dream Runners pits yourself and three oppon...


Beta Preview: Rocket League [PS4]

The Rocket League beta is now over for a few weeks underway and is planning to make a full return towards the end of May. I remember the first time I booted up the beta, I did not know what to expect. I haven’t played t...


Video Preview: Minimon

Minimon is in every sense of being, a Pokémon clone. There’s certainly no getting around that, but does it succeed in bringing the likes of Pokémon to the PC platform, or is it just a poor run-of-the-mill attempt? Fi...

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Video Preview: Trapped Dead – Lockdown

Set in a zombie infested apocalypse, Trapped Dead: Lockdown serves as the spiritual successor to the original PC game, Trapped Dead. Check out our preview video to see what think of it so far.


AlphaLegion Investigates: Pillars Of Eternity

AlphaLegion investigates Pillars of Eternity in a short Let’s Play, prior to our upcoming review on the game. For the first 15-20 minutes of gameplay and initial impressions, view the video below! Warning: The gameplay will i...