silent hills pt

Opinion: Silent Hills P.T. Is A Different Breed Of Horror

I stood in the long, dimly lit hallway, frantically looking around with my heart beating on edge. I kept telling myself that I’ve done this before, and can do so again. Unfortunately it wasn’t that simple… Jus...

My List of 10 Unpleasant Sounds in Video Games950390

Cameron’s List of 10 Unpleasant Sounds in Video Games

While it’s true that many of these sounds serve a purpose, that doesn’t mean they should make you want to make mute your TV or handheld. Enjoy.


Video Preview: The Crew – Closed Beta

After playing The Crew for the past several days rather obsessively, needless to say I came to the conclusion that it is an incredibly solid driving game, and was probably the most fun I’ve had with a racing game in a long ti...


Hands-On Preview: The Golf Club

Golf has always been a funny subject in the gaming community: Many enjoy the competitive aspects of playing against your peers and hitting that winning putt, while some dislike the dry and slow gameplay which can occur in a rou...


Beta Preview: The Crew

We gamers have recently had a bit of a beta-test-fest! With every console owner seemingly searching Destiny’s Cosmodrome, I had the chance to play the PC closed beta of Ubisoft’s (they hope) new franchise racing game, T...

Defense Grid 2 featured image

Beta Preview: Defense Grid 2

Please bear in mind that this preview covers Defense Grid 2 in its beta form – not only may aspects of the game change before its release, but new features may be hidden or missable. What I discuss here is simply what I have ...


Beta Preview: Sacred 3

Sacred 3 releases in August and we managed to have a sit down with how the game is shaping up to be in the current beta phase. Please bear in mind everything that I talk about in this preview is during a beta phase and may not ...


Video Preview: Adventurezator – When Pigs Fly

Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly is part point-and-click adventure in the old LucasArts style, reminiscent of Grim Fandango and Monkey Island, and part sandbox creator, because you can actually create your own adventures which is ...


E3 Far Cry 4 Interview – Who Is Pagan Min?

Over at the Ubisoft Official Blog, they have released an interesting interview regarding the ruthless antagonist Pagan Min, which you will be facing in Far Cry 4 as Ajay Ghale. So, go ahead and give the video above a look, ...


Opinion: Has The Time Passed For First-Person Shooters?

Ever since Wolfenstein 3D caused shockwaves around the gaming world, first-person shooters have continued to snowball and improve with every console generation: Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake and Goldeneye 64 will live long in the ...

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