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World Of Warcraft Expansion Rumour And BlizzCon Details

It’s just a few days until Blizzard host their yearly games show and there’s plenty to be looking forward to. The schedule for both days is on the main BlizzCon page which you can find here. We have Hearthstone, Dia...


Gamescom: BF4 “Paracel Storm” Multiplayer Trailer

  I don’t play many shooter these days, the lack of true innovation or even polish on PC versions causes me to keep arms length from most. There is one FPS franchise I will always have a soft spot for though, and tha...


Gamescom: The Division Is Coming To PC – Companion Trailer Released

  Exciting news for PC gamers as the realistically detailed MMO The Division is headed to your beloved platform, where it will, without a doubt perform and look better then the consoles, provided you have a beefy system of c...


FIFA 14 Bundled With European Xbox One Pre-Orders

Microsoft have recently confirmed that all pre-orders to date and all those from today will come bundled with a game, the first of these bundles will include a digital copy of FIFA 14. Only European countries will be able to ge...


Rezzed 2013: Rome 2 Total War Hands On

With Creative Assembly retreading old ground in the guise of Total War: Shogun 2 in 2011, strategy gamers were chomping at the bit months later, wondering what old heroes would be awoken from their slumber next. To the delight ...


Rezzed 2013: Wildstar Hands On

I wrote a preview for Wildstar not too long ago, I made no claim to being without concerns, there were things in its midst that tickled my sceptical nature, but it looked promising, more so than any other MMO in recent times. I...


Rezzed2013: Hotline Miami 2 – Wrong Number First Gameplay Video

Here is a new gameplay video for the upcoming sequel for Hotline Miami, that is entitled Wrong Number. Wrong Number is the epic conclusion to the best selling and blood soaked game Hotline Miami,  and will feature multiple s...


Highlights from EA Press Conference E3 2013

Electronic Arts has had quite a bad year so far. If it wasn’t getting rated as the worst place to work, it was getting  heat for some of its titles like Star Wars: The Old Republic and Sim City. Now we are at E3 2013, th...

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