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Top Ten Worst Movies Based On Video Games

The curse bestowed upon any video-game movie tie-in is one which has been around since the very dawn of their existence. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but generally, a movie based on a video-game is a sure fire way t...


Rumour: Heroes Of The Storm To Charge For Character Unlock

A couple of days ago, we brought you the news of Diablo 3′s pre-order incentive. That of unlocking a character from Blizzard’s upcoming Heroes of the Storm. I speculated that it seemed as though they were planning t...


Mega 64 Shows What’s Next Gen In This Hilarious VGX Video

Zelda? Pfft… It’s all about modern shooters set in the middle east these days, you’ve gotta be unique! Seriously though, Mega 64 premiered an amazingly hilarious video at the VGX, one that got me laughing a lo...


Quantum Break VGX Feature & Why I Am Impressed

  Quantum Break Get More: Comedy Central   Today, at the VGX, Quantum Break’s Creative Director, and fan favourite, Sam Lake talked more about what the game would be about and what the setting will be. I have to...


The Witcher 3 VGX Was Jaw-Breaking & Here Is Why!

Now, I am sure most of you have watched the VGX trailer for The Witcher 3. However, as my friend Sid told me, this trailer is not lacking at all, as it has an amazing amount of detail that you might have missed while watchi...


The Division Debuts Its Snowdrop Tech Video At VGX

  Ubisoft debuted an amazing tech video for it’s upcoming game Tom Clancy’s The Division.  The Division uses a revolutionary new engine called Snowdrop which houses some really realistic and beautiful looking eff...


Heavy Rain Was Rejected By Microsoft Over Storyline

Following an article from Digital Spy, David Cage was speaking at this year’s BAFTA annual games lecture and has revealed that Microsoft had turned down Heavy Rain.  Microsoft wanted David Cage to remove the child kidnapping...


GTA V Release Date Finally Revealed

Rockstar have finally revealed, through their official newswire, the release date of the much-anticipated GTA V: 17/9/13. In the announcement post, Rockstar had this to say: The news will come as a shock to many gamers, who wer...


Famous Designer Andrew Kim Hired as Brand Designer for New Xbox

Famous designer Andrew Kim, who boasts a resume with brands such as Coca Cola, Honda, and HTC listed under ‘former employers’ looks to take set a new challenge working with Microsoft on one of the most eagerly await...

Our list of the 10 enemies we love to hate in video games

Our List of the 10 Enemies We Love to Hate in Video Games (Special Guest Animalguy001)

Loved Wreck-it Ralph? So did we.  So I brought in a friend and redid one of my old lists. Enjoy.