Alien: Isolation – Hands On Preview

First hands-on with Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation at Eurogamer Rezzed event.

bayonetta 950 390

Eurogamer Expo Preview: Bayonetta 2

Like a lot of people I love strong, witty and kick-ass heroines in the gaming world and one of my all time favourites has to be Bayonetta. As soon as I got my hands on the original game I was hooked; to me Bayonetta is the fema...

titanfall 950

Eurogamer Expo Preview: Titanfall

So I finally managed to get my hands on the one game that almost every event-goer of the past 4 months has been salivating over, and it’s pretty damn good too, folks. Titanfall, 2014’s upcoming title from developer...


The Evil Within – Eurogamer Expo Gameplay Footage

During the Eurogamer Expo, some new gameplay footage was revealed for the survival horror game form Shinji Mikami; The Evil Within.  The footage was shown during a conference in which some of the developers spoke about their g...

DS Collectors edition Feature

EuroGamer Expo Announcement – Dark Souls II Competition

EuroGamer Expo is in but a few days at this point and the news is coming in fast!  Below are the details of possibly the best non “Next Gen” competition happening at the event. As seen below: NAMCO BANDAI GAMES BRI...


Xbox One To Have Its UK Debut At The Eurogamer Expo 2013

Gamer Network have today announced that the Xbox One will be playable in the UK for the very first time at the Eurogamer Expo 2013. This news follows the recent announcement regarding the Xbox One release date on November 22, t...

Halo 4

Eurogamer 2012: First Thoughts – Halo 4

With Eurogamer 2012 being last weekend’s news I thought this the perfect time to kickstart the nostalgia train and start reminiscing, and by reminiscing I mean to completely and utterly whine and moan about how Halo 4 is ...


EuroGamer 2012: First Thoughts – Crysis 3 & DmC

In this post I will give you a little look at what I thought of the new Crysis 3 Demo and DmC: Devil May Cry at EuroGamer 2012.  Crysis 3 Well this was by far the best looking game at the show. My eyes were subjected a world o...


EuroGamer 2012: First Thoughts – Assassin’s Creed III & Dead or Alive 5

Assassin’s Creed III I got to play not one but TWO demos of this little beauty. Let me start of by saying that I am not a big fan of the series so even I was concerned on how I would react. One demo showed us a side of t...


EuroGamer 2012- Eye of The Quill Guy

So after a long and tiresome week a few of the Push-Start team went all the way to London for the EuroGamer Expo 2012! Today I am going to take you through my eyes and tell you what I thought of the games presented and what we ...

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